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Sample CV

  • By Joe Maldonado
  • Published 02/17/2011
  • Writing

It is all well and good for someone to tell you what a document should entail. But some people are more visual than others to that end we have included in this missive a sample to guide you in the writing of your own CV. As you will see there are subheadings that are very important for this type of document. The subheadings give the reader a glimpse into what will be following. You will want your CV to have more meat than this example, however. Never forget that the objective is to give details that show you at your best that would otherwise be left out of the conventional resume. You can find samples like this one and other online. Barry Jones Address: 1525 N18th Street Malldale, Michigan Email: Bjonesexpress@myspot.com Telephone (555) 613-4569 Profile A results-driven writer with demonstrated success in article rewriting for some of the most visited sites on the Web. Self motivated, efficient and prompt with deadlines. Professional Experience December 2010 – January 2011: Wrote all of the content for a new gaming review site. Responsible for setting up the FAQ and the support information along with getting the terms and conditions page nailed down. November 2010 – December 2010 Worked as a freelancer for several major online job referral sites. In that time I wrote over 150 articles in niches that ranged from baby formula to garden sheds. Education January 2000 – June 2005

Malldale Univer

sity It is here that I excelled in my creative writing classes. I was taking Business Administration with a minor in Communications at the time. I graduated with honors. Awards Valedictorian of the graduating class of 2005 Languages 1. English – mother tongue Writing: advanced Reading: advanced Speaking: advanced Computer skills I know how to: Type 65 Wpm I am competent in all of the widows office programs and am especially gifted with the use of power point. Hobbies I enjoy reading a good book almost as much as I like writing. My favorite past time is sharing reviews with friends. I like working out and running. References John Doe Owner New light Entertainment 2126 Mullwine drive, Anywhere America (555) 456-3256 This is a sample of how a CV should be organized. You will want to add at least references. With regard to your references, please let the people know that you are using them for that purpose so if they receive a call they are no t taken by surprise. Writing your CV should take some time. Generally the first sitting is only a draft of what is to come. Most people will finish a draft and remember some other pertinent information that should be included.

Once you are satisfied with your CV you would be wise to store it in a file, on a disc and in hard copy form. This way you never have to worry about having to start from scratch when there are new elements to add. Besides having it in the computer makes it easier to copy and paste the different elements around until you have them at their best.



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