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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Experiment Crash and Burn


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet

A few weeks ago I mentioned in the email news letter that we would be doing a series on note taking with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android Tablet, and I was pretty excited to get going on some experiments and testing with it.  I have to say that as a tablet, the device was fantastic.  The display was bright and sharp, the sound from the speakers was excellent, and the performance was quick and snappy.  The big problem though, the Samsung Note software that was supposed to translate handwritten notes to actual text crashed constantly.  It did a heck of a job translating my chicken scratch into actual text, however anything more than 2-3 full written sentences would cause the application to lock up and crash, losing all of what was written.  It seems like the software has potential, but it also seems like there was not much testing done on Samsung’s part when it came to that software because a search of a few tech and Android forums found many people with similar problems.  This is one of the very few items that I’ve had to return because it didn’t work in a evry long time.  Unfortunately for the time being it doesn’t seem that this is ready for real use, but I will be keeping an eye out for either updated S Note software or a new version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 to see if they have corrected this problem.  At the end of the day, I’m fine with this though because I do still love the experience of putting a fountain pen to paper and writing the old fashioned way.

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