Samsung ML 2010: A Compact, Economical Laser Printer


Authored by Kumara Velu in Computer Hardware
Published on 01-27-2009

Do you often surf the Internet looking for informative articles on the areas of your interest? Sometimes, you just get tired of reading too many articles over your computer screen. Wouldn’t it be good to print the best ones to read during a boring train journey or during a day out at the park? If you just want to print text and nothing more, then it would not be economical to print the pages with an inkjet printer.

Your solution, if you’re going to print a lot of text in the long term, would be to get a laser printer. The cost per page will be lower. Of course the cartridge will be much more expensive than that of an inkjet printer. It’s the cost per page that counts, not the price of the cartridge.

An ideal printer that would meet your text printing needs is the Samsung ML 2010 monochrome laser printer. Especially if you’re looking for a printer that doesn’t take up much desk space, this is the model to go for. Its compact size is ideal for student study rooms or small office workspaces. Many users have given the thumbs up for its affordability. There are very few printers which offer features it does for such an affordable price.

One feature you’ll be satisfied with is the input paper tray. For an entry-level printer, the ability to load up to a hundred fifty sheets is welcome. Unlike some of the printers in its range, it comes with a durable cover to shield your paper from dust, dirt or anything that may get entangled in the rollers.

The `starter’ toner pack that comes with the printer is also worth mentioning. It can print up to 1000 pages, provided you don’t print documents with heavy graphics.

With wise printing decisions you can make the toner last you for a long time. One way to more economical printing is to opt for the `toner save’ mode to print out drafts of documents which you need to edit first. The printing quality is weaker though, but you save precious toner in the long run. ML 2010 provides a one-touch toner save button to that effect.

Toner cartridge replacement is also easy and you can do it in less than five minutes. The cartridge comes with long handle for a sure grip. You have to pull it out and push in the new cartridge and when you hear a click, you know it’s sitting in place.

The one thing you may complain is the RAM. ML 2010 comes with only 8MB RAM and the bad news is there’s no option for expansion. Still, if your printing needs are small, you would not feel the limitation. Also you may wish the paper tray could load more than a hundred fifty pages. However, if you are doing he occasional printing, a single paper load will last you for months.


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