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SanDisk Orbit Flash Drive with Security Solution


SanDisk Orbit in Package

The SanDisk Orbit is a new flash drive from SanDisk that not only fits on your key chain very nicely, but it also comes with a built in storage solution called the SanDisk Vault to secure the files that you put on here.


SanDisk Orbit Open

As you can see, the SanDisk Orbit gets its name from the circular motion of the metal cover that slides, or orbits around the plastic part of the flash drive. It moves smoothly around the device and there are small bumps at each 90 degrees around the circle that allow the metal portion to lock into place.


SanDisk Orbit on Key Chain

The SanDisk Orbit flash drive has s tiny hole on the top of the metal slider that is perfect for slipping onto a key chain.  In comparison to a standard key, the SanDisk Orbit is about twice as thick, and half as long, so its a pretty unnoticeable addition to your key chain.  Now you might be thinking that keeping files stored on your key chain is a bad idea if you happen to misplace it, but SanDisk has a great solution built right into the Orbit.


SanDisk Vault Getting Started

The SanDisk Vault is pretty simple to use, you simply name your vault, set up a password and hint, and you are on your way to storing your files securely on your mini portable flash drive.


SanDisk Vault Drag and Drop

Once you have your vault set up, you can just drag and drop files into the window as seen above.  Don’t pay attention to that 2GB of online storage, that is not required to use the SanDisk Vault software.  Now anytime you want to access the files on your flash drive that you have stored in your newly created vault folder, you simply type in your password and access you files.  Of course if you don’t want to have the files password protected, you can always store them in a non-protected folder.  The SanDisk Orbit is is definitely a cool little storage solution that helps keep your files protected, so definitely consider this as an option if you are looking for some easily transportable and secure file storage.

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