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Sandwich Recipes

  • By Emily Amelia Inglis
  • Published 04/26/2012

Although in truth anyone can make a sandwich: one of the easiest and most versatile foods in the world to make, there are many sandwich recipes available that can help to give any lover of sandwiches new ideas and suggestions to help to bring excitement and new flavours to your snack or meal making.

With sandwich making it is all too easy to get into a rut, either by always making them out of the same ingredients that you commonly find in your fridge or cupboards, or by only buying the ingredients to make sandwiches that you always buy, therefore leading to a certain amount of stagnation in your sandwich making. Therefore, using a resource that provides sandwich recipes is an ideal way to freshen up your sandwich making, inspiring you with some new ideas and putting some different foods in your cupboards, your fridge and your body.

A sandwich begins very simply, with two pieces of bread. There is such a thing as an open sandwich, where a sandwich is just one piece of bread with the ingredients placed on top, but most people still prefer the closed sandwich, with the ingredients in between the two pieces of bread.

Some people will place something on the bread, such as margarine or butter, whereas some will prefer the bread dry. For most people, their sandwich will be a combination of ingredients – some of the common varieties include cheese and onion, egg and cress, tuna and sweet corn. They are common because they are tasty, but after a while they get boring and new sandwiches are so much more exciting!

Of course, the options listed above each had two main ingredients, but other options such as the BLT (Bacon, lettuce & tomato) have more, and there really is no minimum or maximum other than the limitations of your own imagination and the recipes available to you.

As well as the main ingredients, different sauces may be used to provide flavour, and for extra variety, different types of bread can be used – wholemeal, seeded, pitta bread etc., to bring new flavours to old favourites.

About the Author : Emily Amelia Inglis is a writer and fan of sandwich recipes.



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