Satellite TV vs. Cable TV

The people have spoken. Over the last few years, millions of people have been changing their old outdated cable services to satellite for a variety of reasons. As you’ll soon see, satellite is better than cable in almost every aspect. Sure, cable’s been in business longer and you may have been using cable for decades, but there are many reason people are making the switch.

1. The cost

The cost of Cable TV in most areas average out to be almost 40 dollars a month. Satellite and direct TV, on the other hand, only cost about 32 dollars per month, and satellite and direct almost always provide free installation and service. The amount of money you pay per channel is cheaper too, so this makes satellite the cheaper service overall.

2. Quality

Every single one of Satellite TV’s channels are up to the highest standards of digital quality, while not all of Cable TV is so pretty to look at. Some Cable channels are use analog signals which have a different noticeable deterioration in quality when compared to Satellite, though both services do offer HDTV.

3. Quantity

Cable usually only offers up to 180 channels and sometimes no sports packages. Satellite, on the other hand, can offer over 350 channels with all the sports channels, including ESPN. Both services, however, do offer pay-per-view and many other premium channels, like HBO or Showtime.

4. DVR

Satellite offers DVR to their customers. This allows people to be much more interactive with their TVs. They can record their favorite shows onto a hard drive and watch them whenever they want. Kids want to watch Spongebob but you want them to do homework instead? No problem! Just schedule recordings for Spongebob and after they finish you can play them. Also, you can play your favorite episodes over and over again.

5. Everyone’s doing it

Cable TV is quickly becoming obsolete. Most cable companies maintain somewhat lukewarm reviews, ranging from very good to poor. Satellite, however, usually has top reviews from all their customers. Cable also goes out almost 3-5 times more than Satellite TV. Reliability is a huge factor for television. We are a world addicted to TV. You may not think it is a major part of our lives, but it most definitely is. We get most of our news, information, and advertising (which surprisingly can be a good thing; you want to be informed of sales, especially during the recession) from the TV. Though you probably can live one or two days without TV, constant outages are still very annoying and tedious.

Make the switch. Cable may have been in business for far longer, but there’s a reason for change. Go Satellite. There are so many more benefits and advantages. The giant dish may deter you, but you don’t even have to install it, and it actually looks rather cool on a house. It’s cheaper, easier, and you get more bang for your buck, and at better quality too.


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