Save Electricity, Save the Earth


Authored by Jackie Acosta in Environment 
Published on 11-15-2008

With the increasing rates of electricity and a guilty conscience from abusing mother earth by using energy in abundance, it is high time that every household becomes aware of ways on how to keep energy consumption at a minimum. Every day, electricity is wasted on things that do not benefit anyone (especially not the planet!), knowing how to easily save electricity not only fulfills a duty to the environment but may also substantially decrease the household’s power bill!

As an average, 30% of a household’s energy consumption is from lighting. As a start to saving electricity used in lighting, check the house for incandescent bulbs and replace them with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The CFL may cost more but in the long run, it generates more savings as the power consumption is only 25% of an incandescent bulb. Aside from the saved power consumption, the CFL also saves more on trips to the supermarket as it lasts 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Another great way to save lighting is by consciously using natural light when possible. Design the house in a way that enables natural light to come in during the day. As simple as it sounds, there are many household that use light during day time as study tables and chairs are away from natural light.

The refrigerator is a necessary kitchen appliance that every household need to keep on 24 hours a day. While this cannot be avoided, there are ways to keep the energy consumption at a minimum. Start by cooling all food at a room temperature before being put on storage in the fridge. Placing hot food would increase the temperature inside the fridge, making it necessary for the machine to produce more cool thus requiring more electricity. Defrosting regularly helps the refrigerator function more efficiently and is a big factor in reducing the required power. Placing the fridge 4 inches away from the wall also helps as it enables the machine to release heat through the condenser coils, and again function more efficiently.

Another household appliance that generates a lot of electricity is the iron. The best way to save electricity when ironing is taking on a strategic plan. First, segregate the articles of clothing according to the temperature required. Start with the soft cloths that require minimum heat and gradually move on to the items that need high heat. Clothes to be ironed should also be dry, while spraying water is advisable, ironing damp clothes would generate more electricity.

For all other household appliances, the best way to save electricity is by making a habit of unplugging unused items. Same goes for transformers and voltage regulators as these consume more electricity when hot. Some may find the simple act of unplugging tasking; in this case, stating the importance of saving electricity is a must. If unplugging is an effort, imagine what more would it entail to get people started on bigger actions to take in saving power! Saving electricity is a responsibility of all household members and they should develop the habit early on.


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