Save Money Everytime You Shop at the Grocery Store


Authored by Abigail Beal in Personal Finance
Published on 01-05-2009

You’ve probably noticed that food prices have gone up during this tough economy. There are ways that you can save money everytime you shop at the grocery store. You simply need to learn to shop a bit differently and to think ahead when you shop. Planning in this way can often help to save your family money and will give you confidence as you realize you are putting more money in your pockets.

Tip #1: Learn to clip coupons. Some people say they don’t “like” coupons. That they take extra time or are inconvenient. Coupons save you money and as you get used to clipping them, you realize they are worth that little extra work. Many shoppers save hundreds of dollars a year simply using coupons as they shop. The best place to find coupons is your Sunday newspaper. Get something to keep coupons in and clip the coupons from your Sunday newspaper that you’ll know you can use.

Tip #2: Cut down on soda. Many families simply drink too much soda. Try drinking iced tea or another drink that is less expensive like Crystal Light. You can even make your own iced tea by brewing tea and then icing it in a pitcher.

Tip #3: Be less loyal to brands. Stores have sales on different brands each week. By being less brand loyal, you can take advantage of more sales. If you are open to trying a different type of breakfast cereal, it will be much cheaper than your regular cereal. There are so many options today that you simply can’t help finding something that your family will enjoy.

Tip #4: Stock up on your favorite brands. If your family loves a particular type of coffee or fruit roll-ups and they go on sale, then do buy several packages. Take full advantage of that sale. Stores expect loyal customers to purchase more than their usual single purchase when a sale comes around.

Tip #5: Get rid of the junk. Usually what costs the most are the treats that we buy. The barbecued potato chips and pork rinds. The unhealthy things we shouldn’t be eating. Cut as many unhealthy things from your diet so your grocery money is going towards practical, sensible purchases everytime. Make your dollars targeted nutrition missiles to help your children and family!


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