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Save Your Driving License with the Help of an Attorney

If one wants to drive car in Las Vegas after having few drinks, the police may stop the car and arrests the person for Driving under Influence or DUI. The police will asked for blood samples or breathe test which arrested individual have to obey. If the person refuses to provide the sample, situation will be further worst. Police may bring different charges against the person. After the test the individual will be released from jail with a citation to appear in court at a particular date.

What should a person do after that?

As soon as the test results reveal the alcohol content in body is .8 or above it, the individual’s driving license will be seized. The person can appeal for hearing with Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to save the license from being suspended. However, one will have only ten days after the arrest to appeal for the hearing. If no attempt is made within this time, the license will be suspended for a longer period of time atleast for 90 days.

There are certain things that you may do after a DUI arrest which may strengthen defense for the case. These are

After the DUI arrest, talk with your family members or friends. The DUI officers may claim that you are confused and has lost your thinking power. If you call someone from the jail and speak with the person properly such allegation will not persist.

Try to remember what you eat and drink before arrest. With a detailed itinerary, your lawyer will be able to find out whether the tests are showing proper results or not, Sometimes breathe test can reveal alcohol content even if you have not consumed any alcohol. It can be cavities or some other foods that can show up on the breathe test machine. The breathe test machines can be defective also. If you have the receipts of food and drinks that you consumed before the arrest provide it to you lawyer.

It is complicated to defend drunk driving cases. One needs to know the chemical test processes and Las Vegas laws related to it to defend DUI case. An experienced Dui Attorney Las Vegas will save the driver’s license and keep DUI off your record. An attorney will collect vital evidences and will protect your interests in the case. It will be the aim of attorney to dismiss the DUI charges against you.

About the Author-

Rob Baptist is a lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases. In his blogs Rob mentioned that DUI are complex and only an experienced DUI attorney Las Vegas can deal with the charges. It is essential to contact the lawyer just after arrest.


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