Saving Energy with EnergyEfficient Space Heaters


Authored by Kumara Velu in Energy
Published on 03-30-2009

Why would you need a space heater when you already have a central heating system in your house? A central heating system concentrates on the whole house. A space heater concentrates on providing the appropriate heat in a smaller space.

Using a space heater, for one, helps cut down on your heating bill. It is an ideal choice when you need heat only a particular room, especially when you’re alone in your house or when you need additional heat for a sick or immobile person. Also, space heaters would be an ideal replacement for old and inefficient heaters that can be a drain on your energy resources. Another advantage of a space heater is its portability. You can move it to any room with a minimum of fuss.

Heating Options

Generally space heaters use electricity to generate heat. However, gas, oil and solid fuels can also be used. Electricity may cost you more than the other alternatives. However, it has the advantage of not needing venting and it doesn’t emit fumes or hazardous gases. The non-electricity option may be viable if you need to heat a non-residential space like a greenhouse where you may not need additional ventilation. Anyway, if you’re heating your home, go for the electricity option to avoid emitting carbon or other unsafe gases.

Older Space Heaters

If you have an aging space heater, consider replacing it to save on your energy bill in the long run. Some older heaters do not come with a thermostat. That means inefficiency in terms of energy consumption. If your space heater does not have a thermostat, it will continue heating your room even after the desired temperature is reached. So, a space heater with a thermostat will help maintain temperature at a constant level apart from saving energy.


Another way to save energy is to use the timer feature in your space heater. It could come to your aid just in case you forget to turn the heater off when you don’t need it.


Choose one appropriate for your room size. Buying a large heater for a small room will lead to unnecessary energy consumption. A good retailer will advise you on a suitable space heater if you provide him your room measurements.

Health and Safety

Portability is a plus when it comes to space heaters. However, this convenience has a downside to it. Because space heaters are not permanently fixed, you’re exposed to the risk of injury or fire. Where you place your heater is very important. If you site it wrongly, it can be knocked over easily especially by children playing near it. Ideally you should place it near a socket outlet, so that you don’t need to have a long cable connecting to it. A long cable running across the room may result in someone tripping over it and bringing down a hot space heater. When shopping for a space heater, always look at the safety features first before worrying about the price.

If you would have to fork out a few extra dollars for a unit that has injury prevention features, go for it provided it saves energy as well.


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