Scenic Road Trips in Europe

Traveling is always a lot of fun and Europe as of late has been a very popular tourist destination. In order to design a road trip through Europe properly it is important to come up with at least a basic plan. One great example of a scenic road trip that could be taken through Europe begins in Brugge, Belgium and ends in Roma, Italy. There are endless routes that could be taken and cities that could be added in but this is just a basic guideline of a road trip through Europe.

Starting in Brugge is a wise choice. This is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe and offers a great starting point for any European road trip. It is the beauty of the buildings which really gives Brugge its prestigious feel. Before traveling onward there are a few sights worth seeing in the city. This includes the Groeninge Museum and Renaissance Hall of the Brugse Vrige.

Most people recommend staying for at least two nights in Brugge as the morning and evening are nicest when all of the tourists have cleared out.

Next on the list is Luxembourg City. Of course each traveler can decide how long they want to remain in one city to the next but typically it will take a few days to drive from Brugge to Luxembourg City. Take into consideration traffic and time for bathroom breaks and eating time. Arts and culture flourish in this city and there are always different events and activities taking place.

There are endless options for accommodations which is ideal for the traveler who plans to stay for a night or two to get some rest before continuing on their way. There is everything from cheap motels to five-star luxury hotels and even authentic castles that are available for rent.

An ideal choice for the next step on this scenic road trip would be Strasbourg. Again this is just a short car drive from Luxembourg City and is a gorgeous city to drive through. This is a smaller sized city and should only take about a half day to drive through. Driving to the southeast will lead to Munich which is a well known city in Germany. Plan to stay here for at least a night because there is a lot to take in.

To name just a few of the top attractions in Munich: The Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne museums, Residence Palace of Munich, Deutsches Museum, The English Garden and the Olympic Stadium of Munich come to mind. War veterans and those interested in learning a bit of history should definitely make sure to include Munich in their European road trip.

The next stop, which is Venice, will take a day or two of driving from Munich. A city that exudes romance and which is full of history, Venice is sure to be a favorite on any trip. Make sure a few days are left free to spend in Venice. Explore the old-world streets of the city and take a ride in a gondola down the Grand Canal. Venice is an inviting and magical city. Tourists often navigate towards the Piazza San Marco or the Saint Mark’s Square attraction which is a large broad public square. Offered here is everything from delicious authentic Italian food to St. Mark’s Cathedral and several different museums.

After Venice there are a few smaller towns to pass through including Firenze, San Gimigliano, Sienna, Orvieto, Tivoli, afterwards finally ending up in Roma on the edge of the Turrhenian Sea in the southern part of Italy.

Europe is always breathtaking to visit but this scenic road trip through Europe is especially exquisite. This is just one idea for a road trip plan through some of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it really all depends on the traveler. It also matters how long they plan on traveling for, how much money they have to spend and what different sights they are hoping to take in along the way. These things are going to determine what route they should take. The most important thing is to have fun and take lots of pictures to treasure moments along the way.

There are some excellent online companies such as TripAdvisor and RoadTripEurope that can help with every detail of trip planning and even allow travelers to select different features that they want included in their road trip through Europe. You can plan out a scenic road trip from start to finish based on the information given.


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