Scholarships for Hispanics

For those coming to the United States from Mexico and the Latin American countries, there are many challenges to overcome. As well as the language, cultural and social adjustments can be overwhelming. The dream of making a better life for oneself can be achieved, as there are many methods for those of Hispanic origin to obtain grants and scholarships for college.

This does not mean that scholarships for Hispanics are just there for the taking as it is a very competitive field. It will take hard work and dedication to be chosen. Scholarship selection committees do look for certain factors it determining worthy candidates. Such factors as positive work experience in community affairs, those who are working to overcome specific challenges in their lives or are the “first in the family” to have the opportunity to attend college are given extra consideration.

Scholarships for Hispanic women are especially available. With the cultural norm of Hispanic societies generally relegating women to the home and motherhood, Hispanic women have found a new way of empowerment in the United States. They are more likely to acquire scholarships in such fields as math, science or computer technology than any other student demographic. Microsoft Corporation has specific scholarship opportunities for under represented minority women.

The first and best resource for obtaining information and scholarships for Hispanics is through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. This is the premiere clearinghouse for Hispanic oriented information. Among their many giant corporate sponsors are such names as Wal-Mart, Fed-Ex, and McDonalds. Hispanic Scholarship Fund recipients have a 30% higher graduation rate than the national average for scholarship students.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation is another well-respected organization. Their specific goal is to offer annual scholarship awards for Hispanic students who are studying to take on the role of civic leadership.

A source of many monetary awards ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 each for students with high motivation and severe financial needs is the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. For those interested in a career in journalism, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists offers awards of between $1,000 and $5,000 to help aspirants with their goals.

Professional organizations such as the Society for Spanish Professional Engineers can offer the Hispanic student hopeful with more than just money for college. They have a wide range of programs that provide networking, hands-on skill training, and conference workshops. It is very competitive and the more involved the student, the greater the rewards that can be obtained.

Another excellent resource for information on all the available scholarships offered in the United States for Hispanic students is the Hispanic Scholarship Directory of the National Education Association. It is a comprehensive and interactive website designed to encourage and inform Hispanic hopefuls in all they need to know to obtain the help needed to improve their lives and those of their cultural origin.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Inc. based in Washington D.C. is another source of aid. They provide scholarships, grants, and internships for both graduate and undergraduate Hispanic students.

There are also a large number of organizations that cater to specific countries of origin for Hispanic students. Just a few of these include the Cuban-American Scholarship Fund, Latin American Education Foundation, and the Mexican-American Engineering Society. Others are career specialists such as the Mexican-American Grocers Association and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.

The money to improve life and build a career is available for all Hispanics in the United States. All it takes is the dedication and drive to pursue that dream of success.


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