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Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen and Roller Ball Pen in One


The Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen

I’ve had my eye on a few different tactical pens for a while, and they are all very interesting but with quite a few differences between the features they offer.  Recently I came across this Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen, and it was the first tactical fountain pen I had ever seen, so I immediately contacted the manufacturer and they sent me this sample model to review free of charge, so a big thanks to the folks at Taylor Brands for making this review possible.


The Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen with the Cap Posted

The Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen is made from a high quality and sturdy anodized aluminum, and is available in black, silver, and bronze colors.  With the cap on, the pen comes in just shy of 6″ but with the cap posted it measures a lengthy 7.25.”  I wouldn’t recommend writing with the cap posted, as it does become a bit top heavy that way, but if you are writing with the cap off, the pen measures about 5.25.” Regardless of how you use the cap though, the pen has a very solid and hefty feel to it, which I find enjoyable to write with.  The cap is threaded, requiring a twisting motion to both the close and post it.  Speaking of the cap, the clip is very solidly attached with two screws at the top, and it holds very tight against the surface of the cap, so you know that whatever you clip this onto, its not going anywhere.


Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen Nib

The nib on the Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen appears to be a Medium, and it writes incredibly smooth (writing sample below) with no skipping or nib creep to date.  Although the nib has that familiar “Iridium Point Germany” stamped on it, it does have the five petal flower stamped on it which is usually an indication that it may actually be a Chinese made nib.  When I checked the manufacturers catalog, they do say that the nib is made in Germany though, so I have no way to tell for sure, but I’ll take their word for the German origin of the nib.


The Menacing Looking Back of the Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen

Anyone who even catches a glimpse of this pen will have second thoughts about what its true purpose is.  Sure you can uncap it and start to write, but with that blunt point at the end and all of those deep grooves cut into the body, it looks like it can do serious damage to most anything you can think of…including flesh and bones.


Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen Blunt End

The above closer look at the back end of the pen shows the blunt tip that is one of the major factors that I think makes this qualify as a “tactical” pen.  In my own tests with this, it didn’t take much effort to put a nice size dent in a thick stack of paper with even a minimal amount of force.  In addition to the point itself, the hard anodized aluminum surface and cut edges also provide a secondary way to inflict pain on any would be pen thief.  Out of **DUMB* curiosity, I gave the back of my hand what I would consider a slightly harder than soft slap with the pen and it induced a deep sense of pain that I literally felt go through my bones and up my forearm.  I cant imagine the damage and pain that could be inflicted if you unleashed the full potential of this pen on anyone or anything….NOT that I’m condoning violence with any office supplies.


Schrade Tactical Pen Roller Ball Conversion

The good news is that if you aren’t a fountain pen user, this pen also has a section that can be switched out to make it into a standard roller ball pen as pictured above.  It takes all of about 15 seconds to remove the fountain pen section and replace it with the roller ball section.


Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen Writing Sample

As I mentioned before, writing with this pen turned out to be a very pleasant experience.  The grip is curved inward slightly, leaving a bit of a lip that lets you rest the weight of your fingers on, and the material itself is the same as the body of the pen.   There was absolutely no skipping or scratchy feel when writing with it, due to the very consistent ink flow.  The nib itself doesnt seem to fall towards writing on either the dry or wet side, its fairly middle of the road which I think most fountain pen writers would enjoy.

The Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen may not literally be mightier than the sword, but I still don’t suggest messing with anyone you might see carrying this awesome pen.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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