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Scotch Chalkboard Tape Review


Today I’ve got a quick look at some Scotch Chalkboard Tape (buy here via Amazon) which comes on the heels of our recent review of some Scotch Dry Erase Tape (see review here).  Much like the Dry erase tape, this comes in a 5 yard roll and the tape itself is 1.88 inches wide.  It also has the similar cardboard flap that you see above which turns the packaging into a spool for easy dispensing.


Similar to the dry erase tape, I really didn’t have an actual good use for this Scotch Chalkboard tape, so you will have to excuse the lack of creative suggestions here.  I was able to put it on the back of a bamboo lap desk that I have just to test how easy it was to write on and how easy it was to remove and re-stick since it is designed for multiple uses.  The reusable factor isn’t just some marketing hype to throw on a package, you really can remove and re-stick this stuff on a surface dozens of times, if not more.  Just keep in mind it needs to be a smooth flat surface, no porous surfaces.


My only real beef with the Scotch Chalkboard tape is that its not that easy to erase.  The picture you see above still has some remnants of the pink chalk left behind, and that is after some vigorous erasing on my part.  If you use a damp cloth it comes clean, but I don’t think that is always an option for most folks that will be using this.


If you have a use for this Scotch Chalkboard tape, you should go ahead and grab it (here via Amazon) for whatever use you can imagine, you won’t be disappointed with it.  The quality and durability are there, its just finding that perfect use for it.

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