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Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Titanium Infused Scissors


Scotch Precision Titanium Infused Scissors

My last review of a pair of scissors was a pair of 5-in-1 from Fiskar’s, which I wasn’t too thrilled with due to their inability to even cut a perfectly straight line.  I think that pair tried to be too many things to too many people, so these Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors seemed like a good bet for a return to the basics for me.


Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors with Titanium Infused Blades

The package on these scissors have a few claims on them that one should be aware of, which include:

  • Sharp beyond 100,000 cuts
  • Non-stick blades
  • Smooth cutting lifetime warranty

That sounds like a pair of scissors that you should plan on hanging onto for a while.  Now like I said before, the Fiskar’s 5-in1 scissors that I thought were going to be my “go to” scissors turned out to not even be able to cut a straight line without issues, so this model from Scotch that claims to do one thing, and do it well seems like a great alternative.

The brownish colored blades on this pair of scissors are incredibly smooth to the touch, even on the inside surface which on many other scissors tend to have a grainy texture to them.  Going through the motions and just cutting at air gives you an indication of just how smooth cutting these are.  As the blades grind past each other, there is almost zero noise or friction, which is impressive when you basically have metal on metal like this.  There is also an option to tighten or loosen the tension on these scissors with a standard flat head screwdriver by turning the screw at the pivot point.

Beyond just cutting nicely and through some tougher materials, these scissors are also quite comfortable to cut with.  The white that you see on the insides of the finger loops is a soft rubber that provides some grip and cushioning or your fingers to relieve any pressure you might exert while cutting into harder materials.  Additionally you will see on the larger finger loop, there is a bit of the same white grip material on the outside of the loop, which is right where you would place the tip of your index finger when cutting.

Putting the scissors to paper, and even card stock as the package suggests, was an effortless and precise experience.  The was almost no difference between cutting standard copy paper and card stock with these scissors.  When it came to testing the non-stick blades, I had pretty good success, with only very minor gummy residue left when I used them to cut tape used to seal boxes with.  Reading reviews on Amazon lead me to believe that people did experience more stickiness that I did with these, but the good news is that some warm water and a paper towel should be enough to clean your blades back to new.  For now though, these Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors are working out well for me, but I probably have about 99,900 cuts to go before I can report back to you on the “Sharp beyond 100,000 cuts” claim. 😉

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