Secret of a Great Relationship: Be a Fantastic Kisser

Kissing marks the start of becoming more intimate with your special someone. It is the most awaited part of dating, and the most remembered out of all things that happened during the date.

For most people, a kiss is a symbol of love and passion. It shows how much you love and care for your partner, and it is the most romantic thing that you can ever do before the date ends.

So how would you like to be a fantastic kisser? You might say you’ve got natural talent for it, or argue that you have already seen this stuff in movies and you know how it’s done. Well maybe you do. But don’t you want to improve from being good to great? There might be a few skills you need to learn to make your kiss unforgettable.

Actually, the first thing that you need to do is plan for the kiss. This might sound a little silly, but whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to be prepared to kiss. So you better make sure you have fresh, clean breath all the time. You need to have a good oral hygiene and bring some minty candies or mouth fresheners so that you are ready to kiss anytime.

When that magic moment comes, the perfect timing will not be destroyed by foul odor due to the food that you ate. Onions are the worst food for you to consume during a date. The odor of coffee and cigarettes may also turn off your partner when you kiss.

Now, to give and get the ideal kiss, you have to keep your mouth slightly open. If you keep it closed, you would come across as somebody that’s still holding back. On the other hand, if you open your mouth too much, it can be so overwhelming and uncomfortable to your partner.

However, be very careful not to close your eyes too soon like what you see in the movies – it will be too embarrassing if you miss your partner’s mouth! The perfect action steps would be tilting your head slightly to one side, moving in gently, and then closing your eyes once you have already felt your partner’s lips. You could also put your arms around his or her neck for a more romantic kiss.

Some people would not recommend a French kiss immediately on the first date. But for some, it would be okay as long as you do it with skill and precision. Maybe it will even turn your partner on, and you can make him or her beg for more.

To do a French kiss, you have to open your mouth a little bit more and slowly insert your tongue in your partner’s mouth. When it touches his or her tongue, you might experience a tingling sensation throughout your body. Move your tongue inside his mouth gently to be more sensual. Take slow breaths through your nose and end your kiss by staring deep into his or her eyes.

Kissing should not be seen as a stressful event. If you decide to get good at it, you will be surprised with the way your partner will act towards you. Because he or she will feel wanted and loved, your relationship can develop significantly better.


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