Secret Santa Games for your Christmas Party


Authored by Rodney Southern in Holidays 
Published on 11-29-2009

Secret Santa games have long been one of the funnest ways to exchange presents and have a good time. They are absolutely perfect for office parties and they even work well for family parties. Christmas parties are the perfect time to enact a Secret Santa party. Here are some Secret Santa variations that you might not have heard of that can spice up Christmas parties of all kinds:

Secret Santa Gag Gift

This is one of those games that is better served when you are going to party with folks you know. The reason for this is because it is meant to be silly jokes that relate in some way to the individuals attending. Not only does it help to know about the people, but it is also sometimes a bit offending with a stranger.

Secret Santa gag gift edition is simply where everyone throws in a small cash amount. The person organizing the party then goes out and buys a gag gift for each guest. These gifts are all numbered, and then people draw a number to see who gets what gifts. Once you have the gifts, everyone sits in a circle. As each guest opens the gift, everyone guesses who the gift was intended for, and why. When that is revealed, the person that has that gift trades with whomever it was intended. You go on that way until you get through all the secret Santa gifts.

Secret Santa Musical Chairs

This is where everyone brings a gift that costs a set amount of money. The guests then place the gifts underneath chairs, and a game of musical chairs begins. As you move through the game, eliminated guests take one. At the end, the person that wins gets a “special” gift of trading for any gift that came before.

Secret Santa Clue

This is similar in that everyone brings a gift and then the host will hide them all in a specific room. Then all the guests get to search the room and keep the gift they find.

Secret Santa Jackpot

This is the best Secret Santa gift game of all in my opinion. This is where everyone puts in ten dollars cash and buys a ten dollar gift. This way nobody spends more than twenty bucks. Then the gifts are wrapped by the host so that nobody knows what is what. The cash is put into an envelope and labeled “Santa’s Cash” for later. Within one gift, some token is inserted. This token means the person wins the cash. The trick is that people can trade and exchange gifts at will before opening. Once the opening starts, no trades can be made.

Secret Santa is meant to be a fun Holiday game to liven up a party, and there is no end to the ideas that you can add to the game. Be creative and think up your own ideas for how to liven up traditional secret Santa games, and you will find that the party will pick up quickly.


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