Secrets of Happy Couples

Have you ever seen a couple that is so completely in love that you can see the love between them every time they are together? Or looked at elderly couples who have been together all their lives and wondered how they still seem to be so happy? Extremely happy couples are rare. And couples who have kept that happiness for several years are even rarer.

Some people think that there are no ‘secrets’ to love. That it will find you when it finds you. But the truth is that to be truly happy, you have to do more than just leave it up to fate. Any good relationship requires work on both parts. And while there may be no actual ‘secrets’ to happy couples, there are a few things that every relationship absolutely must have in order for it to last.

Firstly, you can’t have a good relationship with anybody if there’s a lack of respect on either part. This is especially true when you’re talking about couples. Two partners in a romantic relationship can very easily turn on each other during bad or stressful times and become downright disrespectful. This is simply because couples can become so comfortable with each other that they can sometimes start to take each other for granted. Because of this, an ‘anything goes’ attitude can crop up.

Happy couples know that in order to make it last, you must always, always respect the other person. This means no name-calling and no personal attacks. Treating each other the way you want to be treated may seem like common sense. But it can also be one of the first forgotten things, especially after you’ve been together for a very long time.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to always agree with the person. But you do need to always appreciate the other person and realize that they have feelings too. And it’s your job to make sure you’re never the person that treats those feelings as though they don’t matter.

Just as respect is important in a relationship, trust is just as important. And with trust comes honesty. You can’t possibly have a good relationship with anybody if you’re not honest with them or don’t trust them. People who are part of a truly happy couple know that in order to be happy, you have to trust the other person. Without trust you can very easily become very suspicious of the other person.

If they’re working late, you may think that they’re stepping out on you. And if they say they accidentally forgot your anniversary or other big occasion, you may think it’s just because they want to get out of doing something nice for you. Or maybe you just don’t trust the fact that they actually love you. This can lead to you needing to be reminded again and again of their love. And that just becomes plain tiring. Not being able to trust someone leads to all sorts of problems.

When it comes to matters of the heart, you really do have to give it your all and place all of your trust in them. And remember, people can’t trust you unless you give them reason to. Because of this, it’s just as important to not only always trust someone, but to always be honest with them as well. No matter how hard that might seem at the time.

Being lucky in love might have a little bit to do with luck. But more importantly, it has to do with how the two people in the relationship handle the relationship. Knowing that a person loves you and respects you is vital. Without that, you might end up being treated badly and you certainly won’t be happy. By the same token, you need to always make sure that you too are being just as respectful. Also always make sure that you trust your partner and that they can also trust you. These foundations may be just a few things you need to make yourself truly happy in a relationship, because everyone has their personal preferences. But it’s true that without these foundations, no relationship will be able to survive happily and healthily.


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