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Secrets To A Good Synthesis Essay

  • By Ben Jackson
  • Published 08/6/2011
  • Writing

To understand what entails in writing a synthesis essay, you’ll need to know what the essay is all about in the first place. A synthesis essay is somehow different from an analytic essay or any other essay for that matter. The synthesis paper is used to defend one’s own arguments by backing it with relevant information from other sources. A synthesis essay will normally be used by college teachers and professors to see whether a student can defend their argument in a previous argumentation. So this basically means you need more facts and ideas to make the second essay strong enough to defend your argumentation. This is why coming up with a reasonable synthesis essay is no walk in the park; but with a few guidelines and good practice, writing one becomes a quite conversant in it. One thing you should know, writing a synthesis essay will require a combination of your own ideas with other additional ideas from research; so all ideas should be presented in accurate context and in a manner quite different from the original writing. Besides this, you need to know how to present your synthesis writing in an orderly and understandable manner. This calls for high organization on your part so that your end result is corrigible to the reader. Moreover, a valid synthesis essay is one that makes sense of the source of information and the readers can actually trace and understand the path leading to the sources. What we are trying to say is that care and precision are vital tools in coming up with a good essay and which determine whether you make sense in your final copy or it is just a collection of frail and disorganized thoughts. If you are a student, you are looking into proving to your lecturer that you can defend your argumentations. This will reflect well on your overall grades so you need the necessary tips on writing a synthesis essay that will win the eye of your tutor. We begin by giving you the certified format on how a synthesis essay should look like.

The Intro; you should never write a lot of things on the introduction; the recommended length for the introduction is a single sentence which will outline the channel yo

ur essay is taking. It can also give us the list of authors and their titles from where you sourced your information. The backing info on the authors should be valid as well as that of the topic content. Never at any time try to plagiarize content or offer fake references; it’s punishable especially if the essay is a school term paper. The Content Body; this is where everything is detailed. Every paragraph you begin with should have a starting topic sentence. Inside citation is also relevant in the body content; remember they should be from valid sources to avoid unnecessary penalties. You then proceed by presenting your arguments in a clear and precise manner. Avoid using the exact words used in the information sources. This will be treated as plagiarism which wasn’t your intention in the first place. The best way to avoid direct copying is paraphrasing the whole source in your own words. The sources are just there to give your argument weight and should not in any way replace the ideas you had. Moreover, present the info as you get it from the source and don’t try to distort the ideas in your own way. Last on the synthesis paper is the conclusion; you can use your conclusion to reinforce your whole argument in the essay. A best way to nail it is by summarizing your thesis again. Before you reach to this point you must make sure that the ideas presented above all relate to each other. The conclusion is also where you may give permission to other researchers to continue from where you left. This is vital because other research can make findings you failed to see or may have all the necessary equipment to carry out the research which you could have lacked during your research.

So finally, you now have an idea what the synthesis essay is all about, the following tips should always guide whenever you are writing a synthesis paper; always make sure the information from the sources is accurate and is explained in your own words. Make sure that your synthesis paper is organizes and can be interpreted by the respective readers. Your synthesis argument should also make sense in the long-run, if it doesn’t, then it’s best you review it and see where you went wrong. You can also compare your own synthesis from those of others and see if you match all the criteria involved. And never forget to understand the topic first!



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