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Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro


The Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro in Package

With identity theft and fraud being such life changing events, its worth taking every precaution you can to avoid them.  This Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro is a great and simple way to protect your personal information.


Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro in Hand

This personal security stamp is a small egg shaped unit that is easy to hold onto and the clear orange cap you see is easily removed but also stays secure when closed.  It also has a flat bottom that allows you to stand it up although I’ve found myself just laying it down on its side when not in use.


Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro Roller Close Up

Once you remove the cap, the roller is exposed and you can see that it has a bunch of random characters on it.  Using the security stamp is very simple in that you just put the roller on the area of paper you want to obscure and you roll once over it.


Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro Ink Roller

If you squeeze the two orange tabs that you see on either side of the body of the security stamp, the roller head comes off to expose the sponge ink roller below.  This ink roller keeps the stamp head constantly inked with the nice black dense ink that is laid down over your personal information.


Document Before Using the Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro

So here is a copy of a document that I received in the mail so we can set up the before sample of using the security stamp.  There isn’t any actual personal information on here but it was a good document for the volume of text to work with.


Document After Using the Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro

The next photo  you see is that same document after the security stamp has been applied.  The coverage that you see above took all of about 10 seconds to apply with a few rolls back and forth.  As you can see, all of the text that I used the security stamp over is now obscured.  I tried smearing the ink away with a wet paper towel, but that had virtually no impact to the ink from the stamp.  The only thing it did do was deteriorate some of the paper itself.

The Security Stamp by Max Korokoro Keshikoro comes in several other colors and there is also a replacement roller available should you need it.  This is definitely a handy little tool to have with you, it might even be good for keeping in your work bag as an alternative to a paper shredder.  And just a quick note that this item was sent free of charge from our friends at JetPens for this review.

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