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Selected 2015 Black Friday Deals


Its that time of year, so I took a look through some of the Black Friday Deals in Office Supplies over on Amazon and picked out some of our favorite products that can be had at better than usual prices, some are great for gifts, others great for just stocking up your own personal supply closet to take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.

These strips of Post-It notes are more like removable labels on a roll that you can write on.  For some reason just the blue and white versions are on sale, but its a deal too good to pass up as everyone should probably have at least one roll of these on hand at home or in the office.  (Buy via Amazon $3, regularly $5-$6)


Although I’ve never done a review of my Canon PIXMA 922 wireless printer, I’ve been a very happy owner for about a year now, and although I paid about $120 for it, Amazon now has it for a steal at $65.  Its been a great printer for me which I was happy paying that full price for, so at this price you really cant go wrong.  (Buy via Amazon $65, regularly $100)

Always a favorite even at full price, Black n’ Red notebooks are probably the best value for your money when it comes to great quality notebooks, plus they have a stylish yet professional look that make them more than acceptable for the workplace.  This is the 8.5″ x 11″ version with poly cover and 70 sheets of paper.  (Buy via Amazon $5.60, regularly $8-$9)

The Zebra F-701 ballpoint pen is one of their series of stainless steel bodied writing implements that have a reputation for superior construction quality.  The bodies are durable and well made which not only makes for a great in the hand writing experience, but they also just look cool.  (Buy via Amazon $5, regularly $7)

When it comes to beginner fountain pens or even just great performing every day fountain pens, the Pilot Metropolitan is one of the best in that category.  With a simple and elegant design this looks and performs like a pen that you might expect to pay a lot more for and its a great deal at its regular price, but with the sale here on Amazon its an even better deal in this medium nibbed version.  (Buy via Amazon $13.21, regularly $16-$18)

Definitely my favorite mouse, I like it so much that I bought two for myself…one for home and one for the office.  I feel much more productive and can navigate through a website or spreadsheet at lightning speed with this thing.  Its wireless and the battery seems to have a pretty good life span so far as I’ve had them for almost a year and have not yet had to replace the battery.  (Buy via Amazon $27, regularly $40)

The Pilot Precise V5 is an amazing pen.  They provide an incredible writing experience with skip free super smooth performance and it seems like the ink in them will last forever.  With this box of 12 of them you might never need to buy another pen for quite some time.  (Buy via Amazon $13.50, regularly $16.00)


I’ve used the Cross Jotzone journal before and found it to be a pretty nice notebook.  Throw in a Darth Vader pen theme and a Darth Vader pen and you can’t go wrong.  (Buy via Amazon $50, regularly $75)

Besides keeping being able to fire up my favorite play list while I’m working at home with nothing more than a voice command, the Amazon Echo also lets me get answers to simple questions like information about the weather without the need to go to a search engine or researching online.  Its a great time saver when I’m trying to focus on my work but need to get some critical information. (Buy via Amazon $150, regularly $180)

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