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Selected Cyber Monday Deals for 2017 Amazon, Herman Miller, Saddleback and More

If you don’t have, or don’t want to be bothered with a paper shredder, these identity theft stamp rollers aren’t a bad alternative…especially at 71% off at Amazon the regular price.


So if you ever found yourself thinking you wanted 72 double ended art markers that have one of the highest possible ratings on Amazon, nows your chance to snag some at a 46% discount, and yeah thats almost 50% off so grab them now while you can! (buy via Amazon for 46% off)


If dropping that much cash on a set of markers is too much for you, then you can take it a little easier on your wallet and go with the still excellent and fun (yes, markers can be fun) set of 12 Sharpie Brush Tip markers. I never used brush tips before these, but even with my limited skills, these brush tip markers are an excellent way to show off even the most minimal artistic skills you may or may not have. (buy via Amazon at 20% off)

30% off Everything at MOO Including Notebooks


Everything is 30% off at MOO today, but their hard cover notebooks are awesome, and at 30% off they are a steal.  Grab a few now, they have a history of selling out even at the regular price. (buy via MOO)

Get 15% off and Free Shipping on Herman Miller Products at Office Designs


If you have ever wanted to enjoy the luxury and comfort of a Herman Miller chair, here is a great opportunity to not only save 15% but also get free shipping from Office Designs.  I have the Embody Chair pictured above, and although I never reviewed it, I’m a huge fan and I’ve had it for close to 5 years now. The comfort level is amazing and the look and design are outstanding and eye catching. (Buy at Office Designs)

Saddleback Leather Cyber Monday Deals


This deal from Saddleback Leather is pretty cool.  If you were going to buy a big ticket item from them ($500 or more) you can get a free $100 physical gift card that is riveted to a slab of leather.  Anyone can give a gift card, but the presentation on this one would be unmatched I’m sure. Check it out here on the Saddleback Leather Site.

saddlebackleather-3668832Its rare to find discounts on Saddleback Leather products, but at least free shipping will help save a chunk of money on your purchase of any of their amazing items. Besides their amazing bags, you can find plenty of stocking stuffers like wallets, notebook covers, and tablet cases. Check it out here at Saddleback Leather.

Blunt Umbrellas at Huckberry


Here is another item I’ve never reviewed but have owned for years and cant imagine going without. The Blunt umbrella is an amazingly wind resistant umbrella that not only holds up to the perils of crazy city winds, but also has softly contoured ends that wont take out the eyeballs of passers by who may get close to you if you care about that sort of thing. They also come in a really nice shipping tube with plastic caps that can come in handy. (Buy at Huckberry for about 17% off)

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