Selecting a Sauna Wet or Dry, That Is The Question

When selecting a sauna many people are not sure in which direction they should go. Both are similar, yet each have their added benefit as well. Whether you are looking to feel better, relax, look better or just take a break from the world for a few moments choosing the right sauna is important. The slight differences in the two sauna types may impact your decision. Before you choose which sauna to go with be sure to know your budget and desires. Should you seek a wet or dry sauna?

The activity of starting or ending the day in a heated sauna started in Finland. The Finns do not look at this practice as a treat, but rather as a must for peace of mind. The similarities between both the wet and dry saunas are that both will produce heat from volcanic stones. These stones sit on an apparatus that heats up the stones, this heater is usually powered by electric, wood or gas. In order to produce steam in a wet sauna water is poured onto the rocks. Both of these saunas offer the proper heat to allow one to relax and sweat either solo or with friends.

If you are the type that comes home from a hard days work and runs a hot shower to clear your mind of the day’s events, then a wet sauna is perfect for you. Not only will the wet sauna kill the day’s troubles, but at the right temperature may even ward off infections and germs. The heat in a wet sauna gets in to your system more effectively, so you may want to use it in the nude or with just a towel for maximum benefits. Those who enjoy sitting alone will be better off with the wet sauna for this reason. The wet sauna has also shown the ability to increase one’s metabolic rate, thus providing a more natural way to increase metabolism rather than stimulants.

The dry sauna has great relaxation benefits and can greatly reduce stress. With the dry sauna’s temperatures reaching a high of 200 degrees and the humidity being rather low, you will be able to sit in it for a longer period of time and enjoy enhanced benefits. Your skin will soon start to feel young again as perspiration that occurs throughout the duration of the sauna’s use will help rid the body of damaging toxins.

Both saunas offer amazing benefits and almost offer a fountain of youth according to most users. For those who are still unsure of which to use many Europeans use both methods. The general practice is taking a dry sauna first and following it up with a wet sauna, reaping all the benefits at once. For those looking to put a sauna in there home the dry will often tend to be a bit cheaper to maintain, especially those with a electric heater. Before committing to buy perhaps it would best suit you to see if your local gym has both saunas, so you can easily compare the two?


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