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Selecting Categories In Article Directory Submission

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 02/11/2009
  • Article Writing

The reason as to why one is writing the article will determine the article submission approach, as this will in effect determine the nature of the subject that is being written about. If you are writing your articles purely from an interest of a hobby point of view, you should conduct some research on the categories prior to writing and of course prior to the article submission process. One may have an avid interest in the food and beverage industry, from a hobby point of view. In this instance the categories that may be considered for your article submission could be more specifically targeted at cooking, recipes or even wine articles. These allows one to become more focused and in line with the directories requirements for article submission. In one of our examples mentioned above, such as wine, you could write a collection of articles pertaining to the wine making process and the different types of wine in terms of the different regions throughout the world, and what their specific laws state with respect to each regions wine making processes. Hence in this example your article will be focused to the broad category of food and beverage and then more specifically to that of the subcategory of wine.

From an article writing perspective for marketing purposes, perhaps you a

re a professional vigneron or winemaker, in which instance you would also focus on the category of food and beverage and the sub category of wine. However your articles would more likely be geared towards your brand and your specific style of wine making as compared to someone who is writing about a variety of wines from their personal enjoyment viewpoint. If one is conducting this article submission from a commercial or sales point, one should further bear in mind that the article directory is not a sales ground, but rather a forum to share your knowledge with the readers. The authors bio allows for the sales pitch and link back to your website, where you will then be able to convert the reader or site visitor into a customer.

As one can see the article submission process can be from both a professional as well as a personal level. Whether either of these are the motivation for the article writing process, one is encouraged to be as specific as possible with respect to the category that one submits the article to. Many of the online directories today have an automated detection system that will determine whether or not the correct category has been selected. This is great for those that are uncertain, however for those wishing to have the writing submitted urgently, this can be a source of frustration. Therefore ensure the correct category and sub category selections in your article submission.



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