Send Yourself on a Weight Loss Retreat To Jumpstart Your Diet

So you finally have decided to go on a diet? Congratulations! Now it is time to get your mind in the right place. The best way to do this is to take a weight loss retreat. A weight loss retreat can help you to get your plan in place, and your mind ready for the challenges ahead. The road to true and lasting weight loss is filled with potholes, and if you are not mentally ready you have no chance of success. A decision to lose weight is a huge step. You are about to change years of bad habits, and bad decisions.

What Exactly Is a Weight Loss Retreat?

A weight loss retreat is actually a vacation of sorts. This is a vacation away from the old you. The overweight you. Do not think that this retreat is going to be all fun and games, however. This retreat is serious business, and it will shape your new life. When you make a life changing decision as serious as losing weight, you need to make a plan. The weight loss retreat will give you that plan, and a fresh outlook moving forward.

Planning Your Weight Loss Retreat

The first step for your weight loss retreat is to find the perfect location. You need someplace where you can be totally alone. You do not want any interruptions, and you want a place that will ease your soul. The beach, mountains, woods, and even a camping trip are all great choices. If you are a camper, this is the ultimate choice as you will have total privacy. You want to be far away from the everyday, and you do not want to bring along company.

Next, you will want to go ahead and stock up on the staples of your weight loss diet. Your new weight loss plan might include celery, salad, and any number of other dieting staples. Get plenty of them for your weight loss retreat as you will want to avoid any temptations that are not on the plan. You do not want to take a trip to the store while out on your retreat, so take every last thing you could possibly need. The less the better.

Be sure to bring one picture of every person that is important to you. This includes parents, children, friends and so forth. Most importantly, bring pictures of yourself. Both current and old pictures of you going back to childhood. These will be very important.

What Should I Do On My Weight Loss Retreat?

When you arrive at your weight loss retreat, take these pictures and post them on the walls or all around you. You want the pictures to be a motivation factor for your weight loss. These are the people that love you, and that you love yourself. The pictures of you at various stages of your life should represent the growth of your lifetime. Use them to reflect on the changes that led to your weight gain. Look at the picture of you when you were thinner. Why were you thinner and what led to your becoming heavy? These are important questions, and you should give them plenty of thought and reflection.

Take this time alone to plan your future. Bury your past and leave it right out there in the woods. Forget the mistakes of the past short of not making them again, and plot a better tomorrow. This retreat is your coming out party. When you return home, you will remember this time alone very clearly. If you truly soul search on a weight loss retreat, you will then have a buy in. You will owe yourself success, and good health.

The weight loss retreat should be at least three to four days to do nothing but think and relax. It can serve as a jumping off point to your new life. It can also start you with good eating habits. Do not allow any cheating during this time. Curse, cry, scream, and pout all you want, as you will be all alone with only yourself to answer to. Get it out of your system. Actually, welcome these emotions. Deal with them so that you might be able to put them behind you when you leave.

When you return from your weight loss retreat, you will be relaxed, and confident. And you will have a plan. That is half of the battle right up front.


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