Sensory Development in a Child

Children learn about the world around them in the beginning primarily through their senses. The five primary senses include: sight, sound, hearing, taste and touch. Body position can actually be included among the list of senses as well. A child learns to crawl, walk and run by learning how to position the body in such a way to create movement. A baby learns to sit, to crawl, to stand and to walk. Children continue to learn how to keep their balance as they play sports and take part in other activities.

A child is developing their senses from before they are even born. Babies receive sensory input from the world around them even when inside a mother’s womb. Sensory development for a child is an ongoing process. Their brain learns how to receive input from the senses in order to interact with the environment around them. Sensory development for a child is integral in teach the child how to learn throughout life.

Babies explore their world through their senses. As they grow they use all their senses. They begin to recognize the smell of their favorite foods. A baby responds to mommy or daddy’s voice. Infants love to touch. They try to grab their clothes and their favorite toys. They chew on their fingers. In time, they reach for their parents. Children explore their world by always looking around and catching sight of new objects. When a baby is old enough for solid foods they have new experiences as they experiment with the taste and texture of their baby food. Children continue to use their sense of taste to acquire a love for some foods and an aversion to others.

As babies learn and make discoveries through their senses, new neuron pathways develop in their brain. The more they learn, the more they strengthen pathways they already have. Sensory development for a child is an important part of brain development.

You can aid the process of sensory development for a child by providing them with a lot of stimulation. From the time the baby is developing in your belly, you can help develop their sense of hearing. Talk to your baby. Read to your baby and even play music directed to your belly. Play classical music for infants. As your child grows introduce them to fun songs and a variety of different genre of music. When your child is old enough to talk, start to sing their favorite songs along with them. Teach your child to dance to the music.

When your child is old enough, take them in the kitchen with you while you bake and cook. Allow them to further develop their sense of smell by introducing them to different fragrances. Sensory development for a child is a time for exploration. Teach them to smell flowers and to recognize the smell of a rainy summer afternoon; You can help your child develop their sense of smells through a variety of activities.

Encourage your child’s sense of touch. By books that are designed with different textures for a child to feel. Purchase toys with different textures for a child to play with and learn. Make it possible for your children to safely explore the world they live in through their various senses.


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