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SEO Starters Internet Marketing

Internet has been very successful in making its pace in every field of human life; people use internet for fun, for gaining information and for doing business. So far the business side of internet is very popular; it has just revolutionized the way people shop and earn revenues. The European countries have just shifted their shopping trend from conventional markets to internet market. People are now more concern about the online business strategies and internet marketing.

When we talk about online business strategies, there are various factors that hit our mind. Probably the very first step that is considered to be fatal for online business is to have a proper website development. A business person who is going to initiate a new online business usually hires a web designer to get him a customized platform which suites the need of his particular business called website development. Here at this step most of the people skip a very important step that is SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization; the concept is not newer however awareness of SEO has now taken a great move. The concept was first limited to the IT professionals only but now all internet users are sharing this knowledge with each other. It is very vital for the internet marketing in particular to study and apply SEO to their business sites. Before we can see how search engine optimization works for the online business websites, you shall first study about the basic concept of search engine optimization.

You must be using search engines to surf on internet; the role of search engines on internet is just as crucial as use of modem for internet. The famous search engines include the big name like Google; others include Bing, Yahoo, Alexa etc. when you enter some search topic in the search engine bar and press enter, you are exposed to around 10 to 15 links on the first result page; as you scroll down there are buttons showing page 1, page 2, page 3 and so on. This is quiet a common practice to open the top listed search results; isn’t it? Yes we do it this way so how does the search engine ranks the search links? Is it random ranking or what?

The answer to the above question is no! It is not any random process but a complete structural algorithm used by the search engine software and the process is called search engine optimization technique or SEO. Search engines like Google use over 200 parameters to rank the websites on a search page. The websites which fulfils the set criterion better than other is ranked high above. Though the algorithms set by every search engine differ a little however the concept of SEO applies to all of them.

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