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SEO Writing: How One Freelance Writer Earned $1,000 in One Day

  • By Yuwanda Black
  • Published 03/3/2012
  • Article Writing

SEO writing is a very lucrative niche in freelance writing where you can make very good money – very quickly. I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993. When I started offering search engine optimized content to clients in 2007, my freelance career took off like never before. And, I’m not the only one. One freelancer emailed to let me know that she’d earned $1,000 in one day – yes, one day! She wrote, in part, “It’s only 1/20 and I already made $3,000 in revenue for my business! In fact, I had my 1st 1,000 day! . . . and I just signed a contract with an up and coming yelp like directory to write 20 blogs for them at $500 bucks a month for 6 months!” Following is why it’s relatively easy to earn hundreds of dollars per day (or in this case a thousand) as an SEO writer. I. Online Businesses are Pouring Money Into Content Marketing In the past when businesses put up a website, many did so because it was the thing to do. But, they didn’t invest in their web presences; they didn’t have pre-defined plans for what they expected out of their websites (eg, number of leads, direct sales, newsletter sign ups, etc.). All of that has changed. Now, companies have outlined what they expect in regards to their ROI (return on investment) and how they plan to achieve their objectives. And, much of it begins and ends with content. Proof?.

In August of 2011, the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs surveyed 1,092 B2B marketers. Sixty percent of those surveyed said they planned to increase their spend on content marketing over the

next 12 months. All of this means work – tons of work — for SEO writers. II. Quality SEO Content Rules Web surfers are becoming more savvy. The more serious they are about making a purchase, the more in-depth research they tend to do. Businesses know this. So, what are they doing about it? Beefing up their content. No longer can a site post generic articles that are little more than disguised sales pitches. Customers want real, in-depth, quantifiable information to help them make informed decisions. And, if they don’t get it on Business Site A, then they’ll simply head on over to Business Site B. So, clients are investing in professional SEO content like never before. Proof? The HubSpot article, “8 Reasons You’ll Get Buried Alive Without Quality Content,” explained it this way: “We asked some industry influencers how they thought companies will get found online in 2012. The majority included the importance of content. . . . People will be constantly looking for better, fresher, and more unique content — and if you’re not providing it, they’ll head over to someone who is.” III. SEO Writing Jobs are Relatively Easy to Land If you have good writing and research skills, it’s relatively easy to start landing SEO writing jobs. That’s because once you know the rules of writing this type of content (and they’re pretty easy to learn), all you have to do is start marketing. When I first started out, I landed 14 jobs in one week! I got so busy within the first few months that I had to hire help.

The need for freelance SEO writers is only growing. And, as the freelancer who earned $1,000 in one day underscores, there’s plenty of work to be had.


Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words (NewMediaWords.biz), an SEO writing company. Get specific insight on how this freelancer earned $1,000 in one day writing SEO content. You’ll also find info on SEO copywriting training – and much more.

by Yuwanda Black



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