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Serene Stylus Pen And Pen Innovation in General


Serene Stylus Pen Grips – Interchangeable Silicone and Knurled Metal Grips

Kickstarter has had some pretty cool pen and stylus options in the past, but this new Serene Stylus Pen kind of had me thinking about the lack of innovation and design with a lot of other standard pens.


Serene Stylus Pen 4mm Nib

The Serene Stylus pen has two rather unique features, one is that the tip of the stylus is much smaller than most, measuring 4mm which should (I say should because I have not had a chance to use this) allow for more precise writing and selection of items on your touchscreen tablet or smart phone.  The other unique feature on this stylus can be seen in the first photo above which is actually a screen shot from the product video, but the grips are interchangeable.  You can swap between a knurled metal grip or what looks like an incredibly grippy and comfortable silicone grip.


Serene Stylus Pen Extra Nib Storage in the Body

Another great feature on this stylus is that the body of the stylus actually holds 3 replacement nibs, so you never have to worry about if you wear one out, you always have a spare on hand and ready to go.

This looks like a pretty cool stylus, so head on over to the Kickstarter page for this, but in the mean time I’ll be sitting here contemplating why the major pen manufacturers don’t make something like this?  I’d love to have a nice gel or liquid ink pen that has interchangeable grip styles, and multiple tip sizes that you can somehow swap out.  Maybe some of the innovative ideas on Kickstarter will start giving the major manufacturers some ideas on how to innovate.

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