Professional editing services bring clarity to your writing. In fact, if writing is a window, then editing is the glass cleaner.

Editing takes time and patience. But most of all, it takes distance. Distance from the text, that is.

Software has gotten pretty good at checking spelling and grammar. But a human editor does so much more. An editor’s real job is to make text clear—crystal clear.

Professional Editing Services

This guy likes clean windows. We like clean writing.

RedLine is a B2B company. We edit reportsweb copy, and brochures for the following:

  1. mechanics
  2. word choice
  3. consistency
  4. specialized terms
  5. readability

Just like a window, your text should be spotless. Editing makes it clear, concise, and correct.

See our page on the difference between editing and proofreading or download our website copy editing checklist.

We used RedLine because we wanted our brochure to make a good first impression. […] it’s easy to miss a spelling or grammatical error. Matt’s team not only catches these types of things, they also take the time to make sure that the message is being communicated accurately and smoothly. I would highly recommend RedLine if you are looking for help polishing your image.

—Ann Vidro, Co-Director, Grand Rapids Triathlon

6 Years in Business

RedLine has been providing professional editing services to businesses since 2011. The end result is a document that is ready for distribution.

We charge a flat rate per page so that you know all costs up front.

Reports, web copy, sales brochures… If you can write it, then we can edit it. See our FAQ to learn more.

5 High-Level Focus Areas

  1. Mechanics. Our editors fix grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
  2. Word choice. Meaning is the most important thing in a document. If there are errors, then we fix them.
  3. Consistency. Two styles may be equally valid, but we make the style the same throughout your text.
  4. Terminology. Readers may not know industry terms such as M&E. We’ll spell it out (monitoring and evaluation) the first time it appears.
  5. Readability. Editing services improve the readability of your text.

25-Step Editing CheckList

Editing services are only reliable if the work is consistent from one project to the next. This is why we use a 25-step editing checklist.

We check page elements such as subhead styles and case, table of contents, bulleted and numbered lists, table and figure captions, footnote style, and pagination across sections.

And that’s before we even begin to edit your document!