Translation services should be easy to provide, right? Not so fast.

As we like to say, “Translation isn’t rocket science. It’s harder.”

In fact, it’s a science and an art.

Even with the big leaps that machine translation has made in recent years, technology can’t replace humans when it comes to translation.

RedLine’s Translation Services

RedLine has 20 working languages (meaning that we have a roster of professional translators in these languages). They’re also the languages that clients ask for the most.

If you need a certain language variant, then let us know. (European French won’t cut it for your client in Montreal, for example.) We handle all major variants of the languages we work in.

(Finally, a note to rocket scientists: No offense—we just like the ring of the tagline.)

6 Years in Business

RedLine has been providing translation services to clients in the U.S. and abroad since 2011. We work with companies large and small—from local businesses to huge multinational firms.

But no matter the client, the goal is always the same: to deliver an accurate translation, on time and on budget.

Brochures, reports, birth certificates, contracts, surveys, EB-5 documents, web copy, blog posts—we’ve done them all. In short, if you need document translation, then we can handle it. You can also have us transcribe or translate audio files.

20 Working Languages

So why isn’t this number higher? It’s simple. We don’t inflate our numbers by citing exotic languages that we work into only once every two years.

Our most popular European languages are Spanish, FrenchGerman, and Dutch. When it comes to Asian languages, we work mostly with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

We also offer translation services in ArabicItalianPortuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish. In addition, we serve clients in Polish, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Malay, and Thai.

98% On-Time Delivery Rate

Meeting deadlines is a must in the translation services industry. And we’re proud of the fact that we consistently deliver on time or early. (Of course, we wish this number were 100%. But the occasional project delay is a business reality.)

We have to deliver on time because our clients depend on us. The project could be a software or user interface translation, for example, ahead of a platform launch. Or an employee handbook in Spanish.

Better late than never, the saying goes. We prefer Better on time than late.