Canadian French translation lets you reach a major North American market.

But your translation into Canadian French isn’t limited to Québec. In fact, companies selling products anywhere in Canada must include label information in both French and English.

Canadian French translation isn’t the only type of French translation that RedLine does. We serve clients who need European French as well.

French speakers—more than 230 million of them—can be found all over the world, from Montreal to Dakar.

If that sounds staggering, maybe it’s because it is. (The entire population of the U.S. is about 330 million.)

If you had the chance to reach an additional market two thirds the size of the United States, would you take it?

Over 230 million people in the world speak French as a first or second language.

Now, obviously, not every one of those people is going to become a customer.

But depending upon your product or service, you could tap into a huge market just by translating your documents into French.

Texts such as surveys, web copy, and user interfaces are all important. And if you’re serious about purchasing European or Canadian French translation, then you should talk to potential vendors to find out what they offer.

French by the Numbers

230: speakers worldwide (L1 and L2), in millions

700: projected speakers worldwide by 2050, in millions

12%: population of European Union that speaks French

8: population of Québec, in millions

40%: songs played on French radio that must be in French

European and Canadian French Translation Services

Many of RedLine’s translation projects are from or into French. In fact, company owner Matthew Kushinka trained at the graduate level in French and English translation. So when he founded RedLine in 2011, he already had a network of French colleagues in the industry.

RedLine still works with many of these skilled linguists today. While they’re very efficient, they’re not cogs in a machine. In other words, they’re not interchangeable.

And we like that. It lets us assign projects to the right translator, not just any translator.

The translators who work with us are native French and French Canadian. We regularly do translation work for firms marketing in France and for manufacturers selling in Canada.

But that’s not all we do. Our team is also adept at technical and legal translation, too. We’ve also added UI translation to our suite of services.

If you need European or Canadian French translation services, we can help. (But if you just want to learn about French swear words, well, we’ve got you covered.)

French Around the World

North America

French is one of Canada’s two official languages, but the majority of Canada’s French speakers are in Québec.

Canadian French translation is a must for U.S. companies exporting to the north. Canadian law requires that labeling information appear in both English and French.


France is home to the majority of native French speakers (also called L1 speakers). About 67 million live in France, while another 6 million reside in Belgium and Switzerland.

As a result, Europe is a huge market for translation. (Do you need German, Spanish, or Dutch translation? If so, see RedLine’s 20 working languages.)


The majority of the world’s French speakers live in Africa. Countries such as Mali, Chad, and Senegal use French as an official language.

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