With German document translation, Berlin is closer than you think.

Reach Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt—or any other city or country where German is spoken.

You can target a foreign market of more than 80 million people without ever setting foot in the country.

That’s German document translation: all the reach, none of the travel!

RedLine does a lot of document translation into German. In fact, German is RedLine’s second most requested language. When you think about it, though, it’s no secret why.

Germany is the fourth richest nation in the world. In fact, only the U.S., China, and Japan have a higher GDP.

Because Germany is a go-to market for U.S.  firms, clients often ask us to translate their texts into German.

The work we do into German includes website and UI localization as well as survey and manual translation. (And, no, we don’t use the Google Translate widget.)

What Makes Us Better?

RedLine isn’t the only translation vendor in the country, of course.

So with hundreds of agencies out there, why should you choose us to translate your documents into German?

Because our translators are exceptional.

They have extensive experience and education, as well as attention to detail.

Our team boasts individuals who are ATA-certified in German and a translator who has won an Emmy, as well as experts in legal, technical, and marketing texts.

If you want to see how good we are, then visit the German website of one of our clients.

You can also read about technical translation in German or visit our main translation page to find out what other services we offer.

German Document Translation in Action: iskn

As you might expect, European firms often buy translation services.

With so many different languages spoken in Europe, document translation into German, French, or Spanish helps firms gain market share.

One of our clients, for example, began marketing its product in France, the U.S., and Germany.

Iskn makes a smart drawing pad called The Slate.

Many Germans speak some English, and some Germans speak English very well. But like all people, they prefer to buy from a website that is in their native language.

So iskn hired RedLine to translate its French and English texts into German. This included web copy and landing pages, packaging and inserts, as well as slide decks and contracts.