You’ve shot the video.
Now let us caption it.

RedLine’s video captioning services are designed to make life easy for you.

Whether you need a transcript, a caption sidecar file, or QA services, we can help. Just choose your file format and let us do the rest!

Read about each of our video captioning services below or click the button to get a free quote.

Video Captioning Services (Descriptions)


Want to handle your own captioning in-house? If so, just send us a video and we’ll transcribe the audio track for you.

Deliverable: a text file (usually Microsoft Word). Time stamps at various intervals can be added for an extra charge.

Benefit: Transcription service gives you a searchable text file. You might have a 45-minute interview, for example. You can use the transcript as the basis for determining your final cut.


Do you already have a transcript but want a second set of eyes on it? Send us the video and your transcript and we’ll check the file for timings as well as typos.

Deliverable: a text file (usually Microsoft Word) with changes visible.

Benefit: Our QA service gives you peace of mind. You may not need help with a transcript for a one-minute video, of course. But the transcripts of lengthy interviews or films can benefit greatly from a third-party review.


You may already have a transcript, but you don’t want to add the captions yourself.

In that case, we’ll create captions to your video based on your transcript. We’ll set the in and out times to correspond perfectly with the audio track.

Deliverable: a text-based subtitle file (.srt, .xml, .vtt, .scc, etc.).

Benefit: You get a subtitle file (a “sidecar file”) so you have closed captions for your video.

Full Service

If you’re looking for ease, then the full-service option is for you.

We’ll transcribe your video, set the right timings for the captions, and QA it all when it’s finished.

Deliverable: a text-based subtitle file (.srt, .xml, .vtt, .scc, etc.). We can also send the transcript for approval once it’s ready.

Benefit: Peace of mind and huge time savings.

Our office has almost as many computer screens.

RedLine’s Pricing

Our fees are based simply on how much work we do. In fact, of the above service levels, file conversion and transcription QA usually take the least amount of time.

However, transcription can be time-consuming, and the full-service option takes the most time of all.

But we’ll be realistic with you in terms of turnaround time. We have a 98% on-time project delivery rate—not bad when you consider the hundreds and hundreds of projects we’ve delivered over the years.

If you’re unsure what type of video captioning services you need, then get in touch.

Do you have a video with someone speaking a foreign language? We do audio translation, too. We’ll translate your foreign-language audio track into English and create captions from the transcript.