Setting Up A Home Gym


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Are you sick of the typical commercial gym atmosphere which boldly features a host of young children playing a lively game of tag in the free weight section, stray dumbbells and weight belts contributing to the dirty and trashy scenery, and a disrespectful, unhelpful staff? Join the club. Of course, not every gym is like this. In fact, quite a few big name gyms out there are indeed the exact opposite of the above description. However, there are a large amount of lifters around the world looking to make the move to the home gym.

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the evening traffic that so annoyingly floods the roads leading to your gym of choice? Sure it would – but how is that possible? With a few bucks and some extra square footage to spare, your garage or guest room could quickly take on the title of “home gym.” A quality home gym offers fantastic ease of access, in addition to a complete lack of monthly fees – beyond the start-up costs, of course. Follow the tips provided below to make your dream of working out in the privacy and convenience of your own property come true.

1) Choose the right location. Location is key – perhaps one of the most over-used sayings. However, in this case, it holds true. First, find an open area. This could be a shed in the backyard, your garage, or possibly even a guest room inside the house. Next, make sure the chosen area is stable. If the guest room you choose is upstairs, be sure you won’t be dropping any serious weight down onto the floor. Finally, make sure there’s enough room for all of the desired equipment in your new home gym.

2) Purchase only the necessary equipment. What don’t you need? Well, only you know your workout habits. Never used cables before in your life? Don’t waste your precious time and money looking for a cable apparatus then. When building your home gym, it is important to only buy what you will use. Most people looking to workout at home probably don’t have the money to be tossing at every single piece of shiny equipment on the market. Stick with the basics. These include a bench, a set of adjustable dumbbells, a barbell, possibly a squat rack, a pair of resistance bands, clips, and some olympic plates. Start modestly and slowly build onto your home gym.

3) Organize accordingly. There are no gym staff members around to keep the place in check now that you’re working out at home. Consider investing in a rack for the dumbbells and free weights. Hang your clips up on the rack when finished to avoid tripping and injuring yourself. If you’re out in the garage or any outside area, keep it swept and dust and dirt free. The last thing you want is to acquire some sort of sickness and be unable to utilize your new creation. Set up your home gym with plenty of space to allow for unrestricted movement.

4) Safety first. Only perform the exercises that do not put your life in danger without a spotter. This means avoiding some pressing movements such as the bench press. Numerous folks have been pinned under the barbell while benching at home. Although most of these events are not fatal, there have been a few cases that were. Other than that, follow the above organizational tips and enjoy your new home gym!


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