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Seven Useful Thesis Writing Tips

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 03/6/2009
  • Writing

The thesis of a paper is one of the most significant elements of the body of work. A thesis is a specific statement that provides an opinion about a given subject and it informs the reader of what it intends to prove in the rest of the paper. The following are some useful and crucial thesis writing tips. Thesis writing tip #1 Research: In order to write a successful thesis, you should do extensive research on the topic you are writing about and educate yourself about all points of view for a given subject so that you can formulate your own opinion. Remember, a thesis is your perception. Thesis writing tip #2 Organize: Once you have decided the position you are going to take for your paper topic, you may begin to plan out and organize your thesis statement. You can a very simple formula that will surely help you organize. The first part of your thesis should state what it intends to prove and the following part should tell the audience how it will prove it. It may help to write out a few versions of a thesis statement so that you can choose which one sounds the best and will accomplish your goal. Thesis writing tip #3 Location: Most essay writers are aware of the location of a thesis. If you are unsure of where to place your thesis statement, know that it is always written at the end of the first paragraph or at the end of the introduction. Large papers may have multiple paragraphs for their introduction; therefore, you do not have to always insert the thesis in the first paragraph.

Thesis writing tip #4 Be Specific: The thesis is on

ly a couple sentences and that gives a very small amount of space to present your argument. As a result, you must get straight to the point and be specific in your thesis so that it maps out the rest of your paper. Thesis writing tip #4 Avoid Being Vague: Many writers fall in the thesis writing trap of developing a vague thesis that does not clarify its justification. When a thesis is vague, it often summarizes the topic or it does not present a clear opinion and outline of the argument. Thesis writing tip #5 Quantity is Key: While most papers follow the quality, not quantity rule, the thesis is an exception. A thesis statement should not be too short, which will cause vagueness; or too long, which will lack focus. Thesis writing tip #6 Avoid 1st Person: Experienced writers can use the 1st person in a formal and effective manner, but it is recommended that the thesis should avoid 1st person. Thesis writing tip #7 Change it Around: As you develop the body of your paper, you may change your opinion, leaving you with a thesis that counters your opinion. You are human and subject to changing your mind; therefore, it is acceptable to re-formulate your thesis to correspond to the rest of your paper. Not only does the thesis statement present what it intends to prove, it also offers the opinion of the author and clearly describes how it will prove the point.

As a result, it is important to plan out your thesis, write it out with organization in mind so that it accomplishes the goal for the paper. Thesis writing is a skill that any writer should have. Your thesis should guide the reader and provide an original and perhaps thought-provoking idea.



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