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Sexy but elegant wedding dress

  • By Kathy Kathy wl
  • Published 06/12/2011
  • Fiction

 To become an eyecatcher  on my wedding is always my dream. I do not expect a frustrating and  confusing experience of going to shops to try on a bunch of pretty  dresses and pick the one that fits me best. My ideal one is the kind  that does not show off too much of my skin except my bare arms, but at  the same time can make me look a little bit sexy. The moment when this  spaghetti-strap bridal dress jumped into my sight, I knew it would be  the gown I would wear on my day.  

I  have started to imagine how I will look like when I am dressed in this  spaghetti-strap wedding gown. The floor length could better reflect my  elegance and grace; the sweetheart neckline would not embarrass me if I  accidentally bend or fall as I have ample breasts; the thin strap would  not make me loo

k conservative and leave me with no worries of a wardrobe  mishap, while the sleeveless style could show off my white and skinny  arms. There two other things I like most about this dress. One is the  sheath and train style that can demonstrate my beautiful curve and flat  tummy, fitting just right at the hip area but falling naturally down to  the gown’s hemline. The other is the eyecatching applique on the  neckline and chest area, just to make it more special and royal.  Maybe more modern brides would choose  to be sexier with a strapless or mermaid trumpet wedding dress, but this  one is just perfect for me. The satin made material would dress me  comfortable, and its integral effect would make me stylish and elegant. I  would not go wrong with this spaghetti strap sheath gown. There would  be envious eyes around when I walk down the aisle.

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