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Sexy red soles sexy women

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 03/17/2011
  • Fiction

If you still remember the scene when Parker freshly debuts with a pair of Louboutin gold high heels in the movie Sex and the City 2, you must realize the irresistible charm of Louboutin shoes. Every woman is eager to own a pair of shoes of Christian Louboutin because its shoes can always add women more feminine curves and sense of sexy, charming and alluring. It is the red soles which endows men the eager to kiss the feet of women. It is Christian Louboutin who makes high heels and the momentary pleasure of lovers tightly and emotionally connected. It is so famous, and what is left behind sexy is also sexy. Sexy can be indefinitely added in the world of Christian Louboutin red soles. Every woman especially the hot women celebrities are in the keen desire of a pair of red soled shoes which cut with Made in France. Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie are all the aficionados in Louboutin. “Of course, they are done for women, for many women and different women,” These words are from the designers of Louboutin when they are asked whom do they make these shoes for, “Women are always very sensitive, when I design shoes for all women, I always think about their common feelings and experiences, it is like a game.” No wonder every female loves these red soles. There are many classic and timeless items in the collection of Louboutin shoes such as the high heels which are inspired from the last Queen Marie Antoinette. It is the masterpiece launched by Louboutin and the Square Franco Indian Textile Group Lesage which is with the 200 years of history in the high fashion embroidery. Louboutin had designed the “Fetish” series for the exhibition of David Lynch’s and these shoes are called the design for Sex.



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