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Sharpie Art Pen with Hard Case Review


The Sharpie Art Pen is pretty much a mirror image of the standard Sharpie Pen, but this version of them comes with a few extra colors.  In addition to the extra colors, the Sharpie Art Pen also comes in a case that folds back to double as a stand. I stumbled across them on Amazon by mistake, so it was a nice find and I really like the case. (buy via Amazon)


Before we take a closer look at the Sharpie Art Pen itself, here is a closer look at the case and stand.  Its a pretty rugged but slightly pliable plastic, and the top half snaps open and folds back where it again snaps into the backside of the case.  This allows it to create a stand up easel for your pens so you can grab the right color pretty easily.  Of course the case has the Sharpie logo front and center on it though.


The Sharpie Art Pen bodies have a nice matte black finish with silver branding and color coordinated bands at the top of the pen to match the color of the ink.  The caps also match the color of the pens ink.  The only minor issue I saw with the pens is that because of the matte finish they do show any grease or oils from your hand pretty easily.

Sharpie Art Pen Writing Sample:


Just like all of the Sharpie Pens I’ve reviewed before, the Sharpie Art Pen is acid-free, quick drying, and resistant to fading and water which makes them an amazing all purpose pen.  I put the black arrow there to indicate where the yellow ink was because I was afraid that on white paper it might not show up so well in the scan but I was wrong.  The colors are all very vivid and it is a great mix.  The Sharpie Art Pen has the same smooth grip section and comfortable balance that you are used to with other Sharpie Pens, so the writing experience is as flawless as you would expect.sharpie-art-pen-hard-case-1024x716-2914714

The Sharpie Art Pen is definitely worth picking up if you are looking for some really nice pens for every day writing, coloring, chart drawing, color coding, or a multitude of other things.  I always see other gel ink pens and markers from no-name companies that are targeted at the adult coloring fad, but I’d pick up these before any of those because at least you know the high quality standard thats been met with these.  The Sharpie Art Pen, or the Sharpie Pen in general is always a top notch option and a stand out in this style of pen, so I’d never hesitate to add some of these to my every day arsenal of pens. (buy via Amazon)

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