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Sharpie Blade Highlighter Three Tip Sizes in One


Sharpie Blade Highlighter Thin Tip

The Sharpie Blade Highlighter (via Amazon) is yet another entry into the crowded highlighter market.  In the case of the Sharpie Blade Highlighter though, it has a somewhat unique tip that sets it apart from most of its other competitors.  I say “most” because I don’t think anything really rivals the innovative Sharpie Clear View Highlighters that we recently reviewed.


Sharpie Blade Highlighter Capped

The bright bold colors and the very rounded shape of these highlighters remind me of Easter eggs for some reason, but I wouldn’t recommend eating these by any means.  As you can see in the photo above though, even the clips on these have a bit of a rounded shape to them.  If you didn’t already notice from the photo, these highlighters are also marketed as being smear resistant, which we will take a look at in a bit.


Sharpie Blade Highlighter Side View

The thing that gives the Sharpie Blade Highlighter a unique edge over some other highlighters is the addition of a third angled surface on the tip.  This allows for three distinctly different widths of highlighting all from the same highlighter. You can see above that there are two wide flat surfaces that leave the two thicker lines and if you want a third and thinner line you can use the very pointed portion of the tip for those precise highlighting needs.


Sharpie Blade Highlighter Cap Posted

Before we get to the writing sample to see how these highlighters and their multiple tip widths work, I wanted to mention the one minor design flaw that I experienced with them.  Although the high gloss finish and smooth rounded edges look great it does present a challenge when it comes to removing the caps.  Sharpie was smart enough to put some ridges on the caps, but that didn’t seem to fully solve that issue for me at least.  I think the combination of being so round and having a glossy finish, along with the fact that the caps are so short and stubby is what made for a difficult time uncapping them for me.  I just found it a little more difficult than I would have expected to get a grip on the cap to remove it.


Sharpie Blade Smear Proof Highlighter

Sharpie Blade Highlighters with Smear Guard Writing Performance

The Sharpie Blade Highlighters do an excellent job of living up to their “Smear Guard” claims as you can see from the evidence above.  That printed sheet of paper was fresh from my ink jet printer with all of about 20 seconds gone by before I started highlighting the text in orange in the upper left corner.  Even with two passes, none of the ink jet ink even showed the slightest signs of smearing.  With that test out of the way, I thought it would be even more interesting to see if these could hold up to some freshly laid down fountain pen ink.  Sure enough, these highlighters don’t smear fountain pen ink either.  Now I’m sure that there are some other fountain pen inks that they might smear, but I don’t have the time or resources to test each of the 1000s of inks out there.

On the lower right blank area of the printed page above you can also see each of the colors and the different widths that can be achieved with the Sharpie Blade Highlighter.  Overall I think that these highlighters look great and perform exceptionally well, but I can’t lie, the issue with not being able to quickly and effortlessly remove the cap is a bit of a nuisance for me.  If you are solely focused on a multi-tipped and smear resistant highlighter, you definitely have a winner here with the Sharpie Blade Highlighter (via Amazon) so give ’em a shot, maybe  you will have better luck with the caps than I.

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