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Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers Review


Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers Close Up

The Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers are a brand new item from our friends at Sharpie, and I picked up these along with a 12 pack from Amazon recently.  As a reminder, the giveaway for the 12 pack is still going on, so head on over and enter for your chance to win them.


Sharpie Brush Tip Comparison with Regular Sharpie

The Brush Tip Sharpie is slightly thicker than the regular Sharpie permanent marker, but they are just about identical in length when both are capped.  Overall, they look very similar in their branding, color scheme, and design…and just to get this question out of the way, they smell the same too for you marker sniffers out there.


Sharpie Brush Tip Comparison with Regular Sharpie Uncapped

With the cap posted on the back, the Sharpie Brush Tip permanent marker is still almost identical in length to the standard Sharpie.  Posting the cap on the Sharpie Brush Tip is a slightly different experience than with a regular Sharpie as it instead snaps on, which to me is always a nicer and more reassuring feeling.  Another big difference between the two types of Sharpie permanent markers (besides the brush tip) is the grip.  The grip on the Sharpie Brush Tip is much shorter and stubbier, which I think gives you a little more control, but I’m no artist so I probably shouldn’t speak out of place here.

Sharpie Brush Tip Writing Samples.


Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Marker Writing Sample

Now again, I’m certainly no artist, and even my handwriting can be somewhat painful to look at, so me writing with these Sharpie Brush Tip markers probably doesn’t do them justice.  I did my best in the writing sample to show the thickness that you can achieve with the highly flexible tips of these pens.  Each tick mark next to the color name shows my (horrible) attempt at drawing progressively thicker lines.  Regardless of any artistic skill (or lack of) I think its great to be able to have a permanent marker like this that gives the user the ability to change the thickness of their line on the fly without picking up a new pen.  Sharpie permanent markers always live up to some pretty high quality standards and these Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers definitely hit the mark.

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