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Sharpie Clear View Highlighter


A Fresh New Package of the Sharpie Clear View Highlighters

The new Sharpie Clear View Highlighters (via Amazon.com) are designed with a clear window built into the tip so that you can actually see what you are highlighting as you highlight it.  As  you will see below though, you can pretty much skip these if you already own the exactly identical Uni Promark that we reviewed about a year ago.


Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Pink Yellow Orange

The Sharpie Clear View highlighter with see through tips come in multiple colors and measure about 4.25 inches when capped as shown above.  You will also notice that the yellow version above seems to have its decorative branding worn off.  My hypothesis here is that its because of the hand lotion that I have at my desk, which is oddly is free of any harsh chemicals.  The yellow highlighter is the only one that I used at work where I also use that hand lotion so thats why I jump to that conclusion without much of any real scientific test there…anyway, thats enough of that tangent but I just wanted to point out what was going on there.


Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Cap Posted

With the cap posted, the Sharpie Clear View Highlighters measure exactly 5 inches, but only 4 inches when the cap is completely removed.  I found that removing the cap was a bit easier if you go with a more non-traditional approach.  For most highlighters or markers with chunky caps you tend to want to just grab and pull them off.  While that will work fairly easily I will say that just holding the highlighter in one hand and the cap in your other hand, a quick twist actually pops the cap right off.


Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Writing

Highlighting with the Sharpie Clear View Highlighter is a pretty eye opening experience.  I usually find myself struggling to keep a consistently straight line when I use a highlighter, so these make a huge difference when it comes to my lack of any highlighting skills.  The bright pink (yellow, orange and green available too) stripe in the tips window acts as a guide that you can align with the center or bottom of your text to ensure a nice even highlight across the page.


Sharpie Clear View Highlighter (Left) and Uniball Promark Highlighter (Right)

Here is a side by side comparison of the Sharpie Clear View highlighter (Left) and Uniball Promark Highlighter (Right) which are essentially identical.  The only real difference is the color coordinated cap on the Uni Promark and the color schemes and branding on the bodies of each highlighter.


Sharpie Clear View Highlighter Window

While I wouldn’t recommend using the Sharpie Clear View Highlighter to highlight over fountain pen ink (it smears badly) they do remain smear free on all of the other writing implements I used them with as well as the laser printed form above.  You can definitely grab these without hesitation (via Amazon) if you are looking to step up your highlighting game, because hey who hasn’t dreamed of being a world class highlighting machine.

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