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Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers and Black Light Reviewed


Sharpie Neon Fine Point Permanent Markers Under the Blacklight

The brilliant folks over at Sharpie always find a way to innovate and spruce up the lineup when it comes to their always popular Sharpie Permanent Markers.  This time around, they decided to take the standard pink, yellow, blue, green, and orange markers and turn them into Neon Sharpie Permanent Markers that fluoresce under blacklight.


Sharpie Neon Fine Point Permanent Markers in Package

The Sharpie Neon Permanent markers come in a non-attention grabbing package which is a but surprising.  The creative minds at Sharpie are masters of branding and marketing.  I’m surprised that they didn’t flip the standard white cardboard blister pack and make it black with some bright neon colors to make these stand out from the rest of their line .


Sharpie Neon Fine Point Permanent Markers – Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange

As you can see, these Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers look almost exactly like their standard counterparts.  The only difference is the word “Neon” written on the back end of the barrel.  I guess I shouldn’t say the only difference though because as you can see in the first photo above, the marker bodies fluoresce when put under the blacklight.


Sharpie Neon Fine Point Permanent Markers with Ultraviolet LED Blacklight Flashlight

The light I used here is an LED blacklight flashlight that is pretty powerful and great at amplifying the florescent qualities of these markers.  The flashlight is also pretty awesome for things like identifying stuff at a hotel that you probably wouldn’t want to touch if you are even a slight germ-a-phobe  like myself.


Sharpie Neon Fine Point Permanent Marker Writing Sample in Regular Light

The Sharpie Neon permanent markers write just as bold and smoothly as any other standard Sharpie, although this picture is admittedly awful because the size of the paper here made it difficult to light and photograph properly with my limited skills.  The paper here is from a Post-it Big Pad, which is basically a 22″x22′ giant post it note.  The Sharpie Neon permanent markers also retain all of the characteristics of the regular Sharpies including that they are quick drying, water proof, smear proof, fade resistant, and AP certified non-toxic.

Sharpie Neon Permanent Markers Under the Black Light Look Awesome


Sharpie Neon Fine Point Permanent Marker Writing Sample in Black Light

The real fun comes when you turn off the lights and light up the writing sample with the black light.  The colors here really pop, even on the somewhat pale blue paper of the giant Post-it pad.  I’m not sure if there is a great a business use for these, but they definitely have the cool factor.  They are fun to play with and it can’t hurt to have them on hand should the creative urge strike and you find a really cool use for them.  Check out the Neon Sharpie Permanent Markers over on Amazon.  Don’t forget that you will probably want the LED blacklight flashlight too so you can really enjoy the cool effects of these awesome permanent markers.  These really are some cool office supplies that will make for some fun at the office.

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