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Sharpie Pen Fashion Wrap


Just a quick post today on the Sharpie Pen Fashion Wrap with penguins and other art work.  I saw these in OfficeDepot this weekend, and now regret not grabbing some while I was there.  Not sure what I was thinking by not tossing them in my basket.  In some online research I’ve only been able to come across them again here on eBay and nowhere else.


Here is a quick picture of the Sharpie Pen Fashion Wrap with Penguins and other decorations like bears, ties, mustaches, ties, and a music theme.  Its nice to see these as I’ve lately been feeling like the line of Sharpie products has been suffering.  I don’t remember the last time I saw anything new on the pen or marker front, and it also appears that one of my favorites, the Stainless Steel Sharpie has been discontinued.  The only real new thing I’ve seen lately is the Sharpie Clear View Stick with their redesigned tips.  This picture above is from the listing on eBay, here but keep your eyes out for these elsewhere too as they seem to be new.

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