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Sharpie Pen Grip in Purple, Orange, and Green


The in Sharpie Pen Grip Orange, Purple, and Green

Ever since the popular Sharpie Pen came out, the purple, orange, and green colors have been in high demand, and when the Grip version of the Sharpie pen arrived, there was an almost instant clamoring for these additional colors to be added to the Grip line.  For those of you who have been waiting, the day has finally come, so check out the below review, and at this point…good luck finding some though because they are not easy to come by quite yet.

UPDATE: The green, purple, and orange are now available here from Amazon.com


The Sharpie Pen Grip Package with “New Colors” label

Normally I like to give you some links to where you can pick up the items I’ve reviewed online, but I’ve literally been searching for days now and I can’t find these online anywhere.  I was able to find them at Office Depot (thanks to a tip from reader “Wisconsin Pen Geek”) but you really need to look around for them.  You wont find them in the regular pen section with the other Sharpie Pens, they are actually in their own cardboard Sharpie display that is part of the “Back to School” section at Office Depot.  If you know where you should be looking, and you know what the package looks like, you should have no trouble finding the new orange, purple, and green pack.  I’ve included a photo above that shows the package you should be looking for.  They come in a pack of 3 (just the orange, purple, and green) and the upper left corner has a big yellow label that says “New Colors!” which really helps it stand out among the other 3 packs of Sharpie Pens.


The Sharpie Pen Grip Orange, Purple, and Green Writing Samples with a Comparison to the Standard Sharpie Pen in the Same Colors

If you have not seen my previous review of the Sharpie Pen Grip,  I can tell you it is one of my favorites to write with.  The writing experience is incredibly smooth, the ink withstands smearing, bleeding, feathering, and is resistant to water, and the overall feel is well-balanced with a very comfortable grip.  I figured it would be interesting to do a quick comparison of the new Sharpie Pen Grip in Purple, Orange, and Green to the older standard version of the Sharpie Pen in the same colors.  I’m glad I decide to do this experiment because from my test results it appears that the new grip versions are all a very slight shade lighter than the older standard versions.  If you click on the above photo, you can see the bottom of the page where I do this comparison and judge for yourself.  My only thought about why this might be is that there could possibly be a difference in the shades of color because one pen is older than the other.  Honestly, the difference is so minor that it wont make a difference for me, but i thought it was worth pointing out.  Also one other minor difference that could again be related to the age of the pens, is that the new color Sharpie Pen Grip has a slightly stronger rubber smell on the grip.  Again, this smell might diminish over time, but I figured it was worth pointing out and I would be curious to hear feedback from those of you that might have already had a chance to pick up some of these for yourself.

Also, just for the record, the writing sample above was done with my Doane Paper Idea Journal which I have really been enjoying using since I bought it a few months ago.  It is a great notebook because of the sturdy and simple looking cover, and the quality of the paper is fantastic.  Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something a little different for your next notebook.

Like I said earlier, I unfortunately can’t point you anywhere besides your local Office Depot in the “Back to School” section, but I am sure that soon enough, these new colors will be available on Amazon and online at places like OfficeMax and Staples.  Once I do find them I’ll be sure to update the review, and I will also get them added to the Office Supply Geek Store so it should make it easier to get your purple, orange, and green Sharpie Pen fix.

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