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Sharpie Pen in Orange and Purple


The Orange and Purple Sharpie Pens

I’ve heard all of this talk of orange and purple Sharpie Pens for a while, and to be quite honest, I was beginning to feel as if they were the unicorn of the office supplies world.  Random sightings here and there, and lots of people saying how awesome they are, but I couldnt find them anywhere.  When I saw the recent review of the orange one over at The Pen Addict, I finally started to accept the fact that they might actually exist. (Update they are available at Amazon now)


A six pack of the Sharpie Pen that includes orange and purple

When I stumbled across the orange and purple Sharpie Pens at Target, it was mostly by accident.  I wasnt specifically looking for them, but I was wandering through the office supplies section to see if anything caught my eye.  At first I saw the Sharpie Pens grouped together in the standard and retractable versions and thought it was good to see that they were carrying them, and I moved down the line to see what else was there.  After eying everything in the office supply aisle, I figured I would get back to what I was actually there for, and thats when  I noticed that the 6 pack of Sharpie Pens was actually that mythical beast that contained both the orange and purple versions.  The thought never crossed my mind when I first glanced over them, I just assumed it was a mix of the standard black, blue, green, and red versions.  I’m not sure how Target does their ordering, but if you have been hunting these down, I would suggest checking your local Target because in the location near me where I found these, they had about 2 dozen of these packages out there.


Writing samples for the orange and purple Sharpie Pens

In terms of the performance of these pens, there is no difference between these colors and what I said in my original Sharpie Pen review.  They write very well and live up to the claims of not bleeding, drying quickly, and not smearing.  They are acid free, and dont run if they get wet.  My only real issue with the standard version of the Sharpie Pen is that the  edge where the cap goes on can be a little irritating on your finger when you are writing with it because its a little on the sharp side, but still not a deal breaker.  I know some other people have complained about the paint coming off of the barrel of these, so Im sure that will also be the case with the purple and orange versions.

If you enjoy the other colors, its definitely worth hunting down these two additional colors to add to your arsenal of Sharpie Pens.  Having found these now makes me wonder if there will be purple and orange versions of the retractable Sharpie Pens at some point…I guess that will be the new unicorn of the office supply world?

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