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Sheath Scissors from Quirky


If you have not yet taken a minute to go sign up on Quirky, the social product development site, you might want to give it a try.  It seems there are more and more cool office supply products coming through there lately like these cool scissors that protect your hand from the blade when cutting boxes open or curling ribbon.  In this case, the Sheath Scissors are at the product development stage where you can help influence (and earn money for each item eventually sold) the price of the item by identifying what you think an appropriate price point would be for them.


Sheath Scissors Cutting open a box while still protecting your fingers

If you look closely at the first picture you can see that when you open up the scissors you can remove one side and replace it by tucking the blade inside the plastic handle on the other side of the scissors.  This allows you to hold that end of the scissors tightly and comfortably without fear of cutting your hand, and I’m assuming that this probably also gives you more leverage to really cut through whatever you are trying to open.


Sheath Scissors Curling Ribbon

I’m sure everyone reading this  has at some point curled curling ribbon by pulling it across the blade of a pair of scissors.  The design of these scissors lets you get a good grip with your other hand before you drag that ribbon across the exposed blade and it makes it much safer for your hands.

Hopefully these do well when produced and released, and maybe we will pick up a pair to do a review, which would only be our third or fourth review of a pair of scissors.  Go on over to quirky and register then play the pricing game to help determine what the Sheath Scissors should cost while also potentially earning yourself some cash for every pair of these that are sold.

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