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Should You Do Facial Exercises To Firm Your Skin?

As your skin ages, it doesn’t look quite as tight and full as it did in your younger days. This is why women flock to stores and doctors looking for a simple fix to their aging woes, spending literally millions per year hoping this time it will be the solution to wrinkle reduction. A concept called “facercise” has emerged, and it claims that exercising the facial muscles allows skin to look firmer and tighter, akin to a facelift without surgery. Will these exercises actually work, and give you the nice jawline and full cheekbones you had when you were younger? You can give these exercises a try and decide for yourself. Be sure to be gentle with your skin and not pull or stretch the skin too hard.

To tighten the skin on your neck, stand or sit up straight, and tilt your head back as far as it can comfortably go. Relax your face, and then gently thrust your bottom lip up toward your nose. Repeat.

In addition, you can simultaneously firm your neck and cheeks by tilting your head back toward the ceiling again, using your bottom lip to cover your top lip (as though you’re a pouting child), and smile widely. Hold this position for a few seconds.

There are a few variations on ways to firm the skin around your eyes. One suggestion is to use your index fingers to gently lift the skin on your brow bone while using your thumbs to (VERY gently) stretch the outer corners of your eyes just enough so that crow’s feet are hidden. Another suggestion is to place your fingers at your temple and gently pull the skin toward your ears so that the skin around your eyes is tight, then close your eyes as tightly as possible. Both of these exercises should be held for about 10 seconds.

Some people give face exercises tons of credit for their younger looking skin. The argument goes: if exercise makes your body look more toned and fit, why wouldn’t face exercises do the same for your looks? However, others claim that while doing facial exercises does cause the face to appear firmer, it can also cause facial lines to appear more prominent, or cause new ones to pop up in other locations. This is because of the irregular contorting of the face, producing lines where there weren’t any previously. Still others say that your day-to-day facial expressions and movements are all the exercise your face should require.

If you decide not to take the risk of exercising your face, you can still see a reduction in wrinkles by utilizing a good anti wrinkle cream regularly and taking care of your body and skin.

No matter your decision on whether facial exercises work, don’t forget to apply your anti aging cream morning and night to ward off the aging process while you’re working, sleeping or enjoying the other parts of your life.

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