Should You Kiss On The First Date

One of the most important questions that goes through a person’s mind on a first date is should they kiss their date or not. You’re already nervous and you may miss the signs your date gives you. The goodnight kiss can be the determining factor on whether there is a second date. Pay attention to your date and your own desires as well and you’ll have your answer.

Is your date comfortable? This is a good clue as to whether your date is enjoying your company. If they seem comfortable around you, they’re interested in you. This means the date is going well. Please remember that unless you’ve been friends for a while, you will both more than likely be a little nervous. However, if your date doesn’t want to talk or really participate in the date, odds are this will be your only date. Unless you’re really interested, don’t try for a kiss. If they are comfortable, this is your first sign that you might be getting that extremely anticipated first date kiss.

Are you physically attracted to your date? Let’s face it, if you’re not attracted to a person, a kiss isn’t exactly on your to do list. Physically attracted can be both looks and personality. Also note whether your date seems attracted to you. You may already know you’re attracted to your date because that’s why you asked them out, but if you’re on a blind date, pay close attention to how you feel and how your date seems to feel. Try to hold your date’s hand after dinner. If they seem comfortable with the contact, they are more than likely physically attracted to you to some degree. If your date stays close to you and wants to be near you, this is also a sign of attraction.

Do you want a second date? A kiss can lead a person to believe you’re interested in a second date. If you’re not interested, then don’t kiss them. A kiss shows you’ve had a good time and want to continue getting to know each other. Don’t lie to yourself or them.

Are either of you hesitating when saying goodnight? This is a final and obvious sign that a kiss is wanted. Don’t be afraid to make the first move, whether you’re male or female. One of you has to break the tension. Women often expect this to be the guy, but remember that the guy is just as nervous and uncertain. Lean in slowly and if your date doesn’t try to pull away, prepare yourself for your first date kiss.

The first date kiss doesn’t have to be a goodnight kiss. If you feel that it’s time, kiss your date. This normally happens if the two of you suddenly find yourselves extremely close. If your date doesn’t pull away, this means they want to kiss you, but aren’t sure whether to make a move or not. Sometimes making a move early and appropriately can help ease the first date jitters. Pay attention to how you feel about your date and how he or she reacts to you. The signs may seem subtle, but in fact, most are obvious if you’re looking. Enjoy your date and you’ll find you know exactly what to do when the time comes.


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