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Shredding Scissors


9 Blade Shredding Scissors

Looking for an green alternative to shredding?  The nice folks over at Useful Things sent over a sample of these Shredsors, or 9 blade shredding scissors to try out and review.


A closer look at the blades on the Shredsors shredding scissors

I’ve seen the shredding scissors around on lots of websites and have been curious about how well they work and what the quality was like, so naturally I jumped at the chance to try them out for myself when the opportunity was presented.  The first thing I noticed with them when I picked up the envelope in my mailbox was that there was a certain amount of heft to them, which right or wrong instantly made me feel like there is some quality in a product.  Once I actually opened the package and felt them in my hands, that feeling of quality still remained.  I was hoping for a bit more of a rubbery grip rather than a hard plastic one, but the hard plastic still works just as well.


A bill insert with a few cuts from the shredding scissors

Putting the shredding scissors to the bill insert above turned out to be a pretty simple and effortless task.  Obviously the first pass with the scissors isn’t enough to secure the privacy of any documents that you want to shred, so you need to now cross cut the strips that you have just created.  I found it most effective and efficient to create the type of cut shown above, then cross cut that section into tiny pieces.  Once that was done, just like with your shampoo, rinse and repeat…or I guess more accurately, cut and cross cut again working your way up the length of the document.


Final results of shredding a document with the shredding scissors

After a few minutes of cutting and cross-cutting the document, I ended up with the above pile of tiny pieces of paper that are now obviously unreadable.  At the end of the day these shredding scissors did the job,and did it well.  I think it probably goes without saying, but the shredding scissors are not as quick as using an electronic shredder, but they still do just as good of a job.  If you dont have the space for a paper shredder, don’t do a high volume of shredding, or if you don’t feel like spending the $60+ for a quality electronic shredder, these shredding scissors can be had for under $20 from Useful Things.

I did try these with multiple sheets of paper together, and depending on your hand strength, I think you can work your way up to 3 sheets of paper, but beyond that, you will have some trouble with them and its worth noting that they do require an occasional sweep of the fingers over them to clear out the stray strips or cross-cut pieces of paper that tend to get caught after some cutting.

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